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The importance of African languages

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Rate this OpinionFor many decades Africa has been the only place in the world where most children are taught in the language that is not their own.  This places African languages at the centre of discussion where education is concerned. The discourse starts from whether…

The clueless cycle

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Rate this OpinionMuch effort has gone into reducing unemployment since 1994. In 2014 the DHET released the top 100 occupations in demand. One alarming factor is the number ‘100’. Imagine how many other occupations needs to be recognised outside the demand threshold. In the fourth…

Newspaper spies and hypocrites

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Rate this OpinionTHOSE of us who aligned ourselves with the liberation struggle in the 1980s were well aware that the apartheid state had spies in newsrooms throughout the country. Of course, we did not know who they were, but this didn’t stop us from speculating…