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Pi Day

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Rate this OpinionMarch 14, 2018 happens on a Wednesday this year. The Americans denote this calendar day as 3.14 not 14.3 as we do. Incidentally 3.14 also coincides with the first 3 letters of that magnificent number Pi and is denoted by the Greek letter…


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Rate this OpinionThe unremitting pride that parents possess for their children must be cherished. It should even be celebrated. It is this pride that often persuades parents to post and share everything about their children literally from the day their children are born, often even…

Developing the Digital Economy

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Rate this OpinionManchester is an English city with constants and contradictions. The constant is that it mostly rains during the day, and well it mostly rains during the night. It also has an epic contradiction surrounding those City and United soccer teams.  Further it is…