From whence does Soweto and Andile’s claim of the right to free electricity arise?


A week in South Africa has proven not to be sufficient for the countryʼs demagoguery politics. And since we are in the age of amendments, perhaps we should also amend our calendar in order to make enough room for all the politics of the country. Nostalgic of the 1976 student uprising that amongst other things […]

A sanitation game changer for Africa and the world


Millions of South Africans are among the 4 billion+ people that are without decent and sustainable sanitation in the world. And our horror stories are well documented, including the shocking cases of school pupils that have died in pit latrines. Many more countries in the world have faced similar cases and clearly this is a […]

The future success of our cities must begin today


The City of Cape Town’s transport directorate published a report late last year that showed the city’s economy loses R2.8bn every year due to traffic congestion. When traffic is gridlocked, goods can’t be delivered, worker productivity is reduced and investors are reluctant to invest. The report also reflected on the sobering statistic: low-to-medium-income commuters spend […]


Trends 2020: Coaching in the age of 4IR

The international coaching market is growing, largely as a result of business and political leaders looking to improve their own prospects and – more...


Work in the time of Corona

As South Africans face the reality of a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, working from home has become the “new normal”...


What opportunities does the Coronavirus pandemic offer a Reimagined South Africa?

The crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic offers our country an opportunity to recapture the spirit of Ubuntu demonstrated by empathy, responsibility and solidarity. The...