Name changes are essential, but they are just the start


There has been much controversy and public debate around the topic of the re-naming of roads, buildings and streets in South Africa. Let me from the start lay out my position on the issue. I believe name changes are crucial to the creation of a truly inclusive and democratic society. Name changes help facilitate an […]

Housing for the poor


The residential environment probably has the most profound impact on human health, behaviour and satisfaction, since this is where people spend the greatest part of their lives, rear children and develop social habits. Although decent shelter is a major human need, the current housing picture contains enormous deficiencies. Millions people live in appalling housing conditions […]

Protect and conserve groundwater for water security


South Africa is a water scarce country and with climate change a reality, water resources are dwindling and surface water is becoming more limited. The normal water resources, such as the rivers, streams, and wetlands are getting depleted. This then calls for the need to look at groundwater as an important alternative to ensure we […]


On memory of humans

Last week I visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. The museum covers all aspects of the history...


Signing would greatly improve deaf people’s election participation experiences

Twenty five years in our democracy, deaf people still have serious difficulties accessing basic information on election campaign promises and how to vote in...


South Africa and Nigeria: Africa’s Sleeping Giants?

In a year packed with many African elections, Nigeria went to the polls in February and South Africa votes this week. This begs the...