Cruel and heartless action by City of Cape Town


It must take a certain level of cruelty to evict people from their shelters on a cold Cape winter’s morning. Surely, even Lady Justice, blind as she may be, would advocate some show of mercy.  The cruel City of Cape Town decided on a wet June winter’s morning to evict and destroy the shelters of […]

Beijing’s economic recovery – a lesson for all the world in Covid 101


This week it instructed its state-owned companies to refrain from purchasing soybeans and pork products from US suppliers. This was in retaliation for the Donald Trump-led administration saying it would revoke special privileges for Hong Kong after the Chinese introduced a new security law for the autonomous region. This tit-for-tat exemplifies how far China has […]

Institutionalised racism and classism in the United States


The world has witnessed the evil of institutionalised racism and classism in the United States, in the aftermath of the brutal death of George Floyd.  Systemic racism continues to cause incalculable harm across the world. It was Dr Martin Luther King Jr who said, ”In a real sense, we are all caught in an inescapable […]


Mathematical sciences and fourth industrial revolution technologies

The fourth industrial revolution has become more than just a buzzword, and to say that it is a new reality is an understatement because...


Governance in Covid-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The last few months have ushered in a new epoch for governance. As the coronavirus has swept through the globe, nations have had to...


Nelson Mandela legacy still lives through clear rivers campaign

What can be more important than our source of life, water? Ensuring that this resource is nurtured and kept consumable should be our number...