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The future of our cities


In Singapore, there are automated meter readers and drones to detect infectious diseases, autonomous cars, assistive robots in healthcare; and one can travel with ease through the city’s train and bus system with contactless payments. In fact, Singapore has a Digital Government Blueprint, which outlines how the government will better deliver public services through the […]

Busting corruption starts with ordinary folk


One of the many things that was often a cause of intrigue living among the Chinese people was their ability to follow instruction. Frequently this was a cause of conflict between locals and foreigners especially. In the mind of the foreigner, the Chinese person was simply unreasonable for not allowing space to manoeuvre and compromise.  […]

Cruel and heartless action by City of Cape Town


It must take a certain level of cruelty to evict people from their shelters on a cold Cape winter’s morning. Surely, even Lady Justice, blind as she may be, would advocate some show of mercy.  The cruel City of Cape Town decided on a wet June winter’s morning to evict and destroy the shelters of […]


Is 2020 the year Africa takes charge of its destiny?

Does 2020 mark the year Africa steps into its stride and takes charge of its destiny in the 21st century? While we’re still dealing with...


Fractured doesn’t mean broken

When Covid-19 hit, there were only four questions that took primary place in the human anxious hours of 3 am in the morning: Am I...


Development finance institutions pledge to sustain Covid-19 mitigation, livelihood recovery

Multilateral development finance institutions have pledged to continue to collaborate in their efforts to mitigate the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and accelerate...