What does nationhood and culture mean for South Africans in these times?


We can all agree that lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus has shifted a lot of things in everyone and changed the way we do things. Lockdown basically took away the things that people embrace under heritage and culture; like the essence of people coming together and celebrating our various cultures, family, our memories. Lockdown […]

Can we use African indigenous knowledge to tackle Covid-19?


Heritage Month is the time where we celebrate all the ‘fluffy’, less threatening to whiteness parts of African culture, braai, and sample weird and wonderful traditional food we’ve never tried before. For one day, we go to work in beautiful colourful traditional attires, put on a cultural dance and singing performances, and share it on […]

Heritage sites can be sustainably developed to benefit land reform beneficiary communities


Meeting the aspirations of land reform beneficiaries while ensuring the preservation of land located in heritage sites remains a fairly complex process. However, conservation and socio-economic development can complement each other when land of high natural resource value is awarded to its rightful owners as part of the land reform programme. The land restitution programme […]


Dermatologist from UFS publishes first-of-its-kind Skin Atlas for SA

A senior lecturer and specialist in the Department of Dermatology at the University of the Free State (UFS) has published the very first comprehensive...


For how long will the JSE be allowed to get away...

Historians, true historians, tell us that in this part of southern Africa the denial of rights of indigenous people started with the arrival, on...


The importance of business insurance during a time of crisis

Times are tough. South Africa is in the grips of a global pandemic, with a deepening recession on the horizon. For business owners, the...