South African national security threatened

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The most important role of the government is to protect its citizens from national security threats. This means creating a strong system for defence both at home and abroad.

South Africa should continue to act as a formidable defender of freedom and a staunch supporter of freedom for its citizens and also for our neighbouring countries. It is important to have a properly funded and functioning military in our nation. It is a government responsibility to ensure that the Department of National Security budget reflects the threats we face. We must be prepared to fight threats not only from traditional nation-states, but also determined groups of terrorists, like ISIS, al-Shabaab, and al-Qaeda. They seek to wreak havoc upon South Africa and Africa as a whole.

It is vitally important that the government continues to protect South African citizens and its interests both at home and abroad. The perception of immigration as a threat to security has developed alongside the rapid increase in the number of immigrants worldwide. By 2010 it was estimated that over 214 million people lived outside their countries. It is highly notable that South Africa has a high number of undocumented immigrants. Immigrants play a significant part in the growth of the country’s economy, but undocumented immigrants pose a threat to our national security.

Recently due to the turmoil in northern Mozambique in regards to the involvement of Islamic State insurgency, which started in October 2017 and has killed over 1 400 people. In June Islamic State published an editorial on its al-Naba online bulletin in which it warned, that if South Africa intervened militarily, this ‘may result in prompting the soldiers of the Islamic State to open a fighting front inside its borders!’ As a citizen, you start to ask and question the country’s national security, you get to question how many sleeper cells do terrorist have within our country to be able to bring this fight to us. Beside Terrorist cells we need to consider countries that seek to inflict harm on us, for example, recently Iran threatened to kill the United States of America ambassador to South Africa, that is not just a mere threat to America, but it’s a threat to us also as South Africans. Do they see us as an ant that has no quarrel with the boot, but still must be squashed?

The South African economy is now expected to contract by 7.2% in 2020. This is the largest contraction in nearly 90 years. Early projections show that gross national debt will be close to R4 trillion, or 81.8% of GDP by the end of this fiscal year. South Africa’s unemployment rate increased by 1 percentage point to 30,1% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. It is forecasted to be 35.313 % in Dec 2020 as reported by the International Monetary Fund. Illegal immigration pose a threat to a state’s national interest is through its impact on the state’s economy. Immigration has and will continue to have, a significant economic impact on both the receiving country and the country of origin. Immigration has economic advantages and disadvantages.

Economic migrants, refugees and asylum seekers threaten the economic security of a state. Also, immigrants tend to work and save and send money to their home countries, often as a country, we do not know or are incapable of tracking if the money is used to fund the enemies of the state. But when corruption and incompetence are prevalent, aliens can take advantage of the system. A recent example is the arrest of the Head of Mpumalanga Department of Human Settlements. The world is so much more disruptive of late.

The Middle East is a mess. Speaking of the mess in the Middle East, the rise of ISIS and its planned or inspired terrorist attacks (in Paris, Nice, Orlando, San Bernardino), East Africa is a mess, and our neighbouring countries are a mess, turmoil rages with terrorists reaping havoc, dictators masquerading as law-abiding citizens threatening freedom of citizens. Mozambique has seen the rise of a terror group that has killed over 1400 people to count. When South Africa was called upon to intervene, ISIS threatened to unleash havoc in our own backyard. We also have white nationalists or racists groups who are still hang up on apartheid and ready to go to war with ordinary South Africans any time.

If our government does not prioritize the national security of the citizens, one day we will make up to find our country belonging to wolves, terror groups running across our streets as a norm. We will live in fear, and the stability of SADC and Africa as a whole will be destabilized further. Recently we have seen that human trafficking is prevalent, many young women go missing in South Africa daily and are never found, how they leave this country makes you question of the national state security. South Africa is supposed to be a haven for nations, but it has turned to be a hell for the citizens of this country. Save South Africa by protecting our national security from immigration laws, military and economy.

Thabiso Mohlabeng