Silencing of guns in Africa remains a pipe dream


The African Union set itself a goal of silencing guns on the continent by 2020 but has failed to achieve that goal dismally. Guns are still blazing in the DRC, CAR, Libya, S. Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Nigeria. Instead, there is potential of new wars coming on board in […]

Now is the time to relook approaches to addressing the land issue


As the year draws to a close, it is worthwhile to reflect on one of the biggest highlights of 2020 in land reform. Government’s new plan to reallocate 700 000 hectares of underutilised state-owned land has been hailed as a quantum leap in the land reform programme. This move has also renewed interest in post-settlement […]

Angolan legal reform shows how Africa can use oil and gas as a springboard towards job creation


In Angola, the government recently rolled out a new legal regime for local content requirements after two years of concertation with the various stakeholders. For decades, many of Africa’s oil- and gas-producing states followed a predictable pattern. They treated their oil and gas primarily as raw materials that could be sold abroad for a quick […]


Church and the fourth industrial revolution

As a young boy who was raised in the Lutheran Church, one of the things I had to contend with was the determination of...


Striking similarities between Nelson Chamisa’s MDA-A party and Robert Kyagulanyi’s NUP...

Ugandans are going to the polls preparing to choose a new president for the country today. The choice is between long-serving President Yoweri Museveni...


Money isn’t the most powerful motivator

Most companies have unique methods for motivating people. When it’s done right this delivers an energised workforce, inspires progress and pushes teams to excel....