Alison Tshangana

Alison Tshangana is a Human Settlement Specialist. 


Learning from progressive attempts at ending AIDS by 2030


South Africa is part of excellent and uncelebrated contributions and initiatives to end AIDS by 2030. Many international conversations credit South African scientist for coming up with the suggestion of putting all the infected on treatment in order to end new infections and deaths due to AIDS by 2030.   The brilliant thinking is apparently behind […]

The realities of the 2020 matric year


To be in matric is one of the celebrated years for any school going kid and their parents. It is the year that requires a considerable effort from all students with the aim of achieving excellent grades so that they can successfully enrol for their chosen choice of studies at their preferred academic institution. This […]

International solidarity for Covid-19


China has an almost folksy way of describing what its intentions are in the maelstrom of complex international affairs – half a decade ago it was “people to people co-operation” and “win-win co-operation”. And for all its platitudinal soap-boxing at times, the People’s Republic puts its money and resources where its mouth is. Departed Chinese […]


Is 5G transmitting large amounts of data, harmful to human health...

In the midst of the virus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) outbreak, a third of the world’s population currently has limited freedom of movement due to the...


Our souls too must be fed!

Attending a Catholic primary school, we were encouraged from that age already to partake in Holy Mass during the week as well. It was...


Lockdown – relaxation and litigation

The lockdown, the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) and the subsequent regulations for the lockdown are most certainly going to precipitate litigation in the...