Alison Tshangana

Alison Tshangana is a Human Settlement Specialist. 


The prolonged and silent agony of sexual abuse


The pain of sexual abuse lingers long after the initial trauma. Like a silent cancer, the memory of pain, eats away, at the victims brain. No pill can stop the nudging pain. It manifests, frequently, as bouts of unexplained anger, suicidal depression and a range of somatic symptoms that is refractory to the best treatment […]

The Demise of Democracy in Turkey


Erdogan came to power in 2003 as a moderate and modernising Muslim leader in the region, with a large support base at home where he was largely considered the flower of democracy. How far he has fallen from that pedestal seventeen years later both at home – where even stalwarts of his own party the […]

It’s about time we have an honest conversation about Virgil Abloh….


Let me be clear of my personal opinion from the outset, I am not a fan of Virgil Abloh’s work. Okay that was a bit harsh…Let me rephrase; I am not a fan of his work when it comes him designing clothes. For years prior to the creation of PYREX VISION (the predecessor to Off-White) […]


Use new technology to address the water crises in SA

Cape Town experienced water shortages in September 2018; the City was forced to introduce measures which would force the residents to use certain litres...


Stratcom tactics at play, ANCYL in WC takes on Adriaan Basson

Around this time every year, many public commentators make a special effort to debate and engage the media and the important role that they...


The agriculture sector enters into a technical recession

South African economy avoided technical recession by bouncing back by more than expected in the second quarter of 2019, recovering all the ground lost...