Andy Maqondwana

Andy Maqondwana is a radio presenter, MC, entertainer and academic.


Can the 6th administration change the youth drinking crisis?


The real power to change the environment that makes alcohol accessible to young people is in the hands of the newly appointed government – in particular the Ministers of Health and Trade and Industry through the introduction of evidence-based alcohol policies and legislation. During their first 100 days in Office both Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, […]

Everyone is on WhatsApp, so why isn’t your contact centre?


When was the last time you sent an SMS in your personal capacity? Chances are that it’s been a while. Now, think about how many WhatsApp messages you send and receive on a daily basis. Whether it’s text messages, images, gifs, or voice notes, WhatsApp is the primary medium of communication for most of us. […]

Shattering the misconceptions about Grade R teaching and learning


With elections done and dusted and a new cabinet finally in place some have noted that the ministries looking after education are as ‘idealess as they are visibly tired…that SA education is going nowhere’. Its not hard to see some truth in that when we consider that despite progress the overall education landscape is defined […]


How to leverage innovation in the age of automation

In today’s global context, rapid digitalization necessitates a comprehensive re-evaluation in the conceptual understanding as well as operation of professional workplaces. While companies across...


SONA debate must interrogate vague plans

This week’s debate on the State of the Nation Address in parliament is an opportunity for opposition parties to kick the tyres, inspect the...


Can SA benefit from the cannabis economy?

The remarks I made recently about the need for our province to benefit from the cannabis economy, did not only bring us out of...