Buhle Ngaba

Buhle Ngaba is an actress, activist and author. She studied Acting and Contemporary performance at Rhodes University.  Buhle spent six months touring with the critically acclaimed musical, ‘Blood Brothers’, directed by David Kramer.


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General Khalifa Hafter: The lesser of the two evils in the Libyan conflict


Since the assassination of Colonel Muammer Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has never known any peace. The country immediately plunged into chaos with different State terrorists, militias, both tribal and fundamentalists like the CIA/Mossad created ISIS and al-Qaeda acting with impunity and destabilizing the country. Gaddafi had ensured that peace prevailed amongst the different Libyan tribes […]

Why central banks need to take human rights more seriously


Many central banks are rethinking their approach to the environmental and social impact of their operations. This is because their decisions can affect access to housing, healthcare, education, work, to adequate food and water and the security of their pensions. For example, 36 central banks and banking supervisors, participate in the central bank and supervisors […]

Africa’s toxic traditions


Harmful African cultural, traditional and customs across the continent undermines individual human rights, dignity and freedom. But it also stunts the overall development of African countries. Patriarchy is one of the harmful African traditions as it excludes women and the young from participation, ideas and leadership in family, economy and political life. Patriarchy is the […]


Being a digital nomad is a way of life

Have multiple mobile devices, will travel -- and earn a living. Being a digital nomad is fast becoming a way of life and work for many people,...


What the “prisoner’s dilemma” tells us about climate change

The prisoner’s dilemma is a well-known framework in game theory, which is the study of how and why people cooperate or compete with each other. According to...


Tourism in South Africa can be better

I read with great interest the opinion piece by Busani Ngcaweni in the Business Day of 9 July 2019.  In it, Ngcaweni quite rightly recognises tourism as a key...