O’Sullivan threatens the Sunday Times


Corruption-buster Paul O’Sullivan has a new prime target; the Sunday Times, according to a report from BizNews.

According to the report, O’Sullivan is demanding that the newspaper ‘’fess-up’’ properly or face the wrath of his formidable skills after Sunday Times editor Bongani Siqoko’s seemingly erudite editorial this past weekend.

Siqoko crafted an opinion piece that, according to the publication, was carefully targeted at regaining credibility and trust of its readership after years of either deliberate manipulation of the news or woefully inadequate verification of its sources and checking out of their motives.

“O’Sullivan promises to lead a campaign to get the major Sunday Times advertisers to withdraw their support, unless the paper publishes an unequivocal retraction of three fake news stories. The SARS Rogue Unit as well as Zimbabwe Renditions and the Cato Manor Death Squad,” read the report.

Below is an extract of O’Sullivan’s email on BizNews:

Good morning Bongani,

I refer to your tongue-in-cheek editorial of yesterday.

Quite frankly, it’s far too glib, far too little and far too late.

Forensic Investigator Paul O’Sullivan

Apart from the one meeting we had, you have failed and/or refused to engage with me in a transparent manner. As a significant victim of State Capture, I have an unalienable right to see those responsible for my repeated searches, arrests, torture and the attack on my small children, being held accountable.

For the Sunday Times to claim credits for the Zondo Commission could be likened to Joseph Goebbels claiming credit for the Nuremberg Trials.

Ironically, you said:

“Sources will always have their own motives, and it falls to us as journalists and editors to question and uncover the motive before publication.”

Yet, only weeks ago, one of your journalists was knee-deep in a fake-news story put together by a criminal syndicate, aimed at tarnishing my name, my lawyer’s name and the name of the head of IPID. The motive for the fake news, was to get criminals of the hook and turn the tide against the forces of law and order.

‘You can trust the Sunday Times’, is therefore a blatant lie, which is proven by your recent mafia supporting article, loaded with lies and dishonest journalism, after a supposed ‘tip-off’. We all know the tip-off came from a criminal, on Phahlane’s payroll and was aimed at bolstering Phahlane’s desperate attempt at evading justice:

Paul O’Sullivan Whatsapp Sunday Times

I record that I did not even have WhatsApp until a few months ago, yet your story was based on a period in late 2016 early 2017.

Despite your assistance to the Phahlane criminal syndicate, it won’t change anything, he will still go to prison. Get yourself a Ouija Board and speak to Selebi. Him and his spin doctors tried every trick in the book and failed to keep him out of jail. Radovan Krejcir paid off a journalist at IOL to write garbage about me, he still got 35 years. Yet there are still journalists and editors out there, prepared to have a go at me, to protect criminals. Well I’m done putting up with it and I am coming for you.

As far as the Sunday Times is concerned, I shall go on record as stating:

Without the Sunday Times, State Capture would not have been possible. Your fake news stories with the threads ‘SARS Rogue Unit’ as well as ‘Zimbabwe Renditions’ and ‘Cato Manor Death Squad’, were ‘planted’ by Richard Mduli’s accomplices, using two chequebook journalists, that are still on the payroll of Tiso Blackstar, having been discretely moved within the corporate mist.

The Sunday Times fake-news stories were nothing more than a carefully orchestrated plot to CAPTURE the criminal justice system.

That one man could be actively engaged in State Capture, then seek to profit from it by writing a book titled ‘Licence to Loot’, is just unbelievable. The audacity of criminals fails to amaze me.

Without the Sunday Times, the Capture of the criminal justice system would NOT have been possible.

The Capture of the criminal justice system was a chosen strategy to prevent the overall projects of State Capture from being derailed, as an uncaptured criminal justice systems would have gone after the Zuptoids, not those of us that were trying to expose them.

Dramat, Booysen and Sibiya would not have acquiesced to State Capture by hiding the dockets in a dark corner of Shawn Abrahams office. In fact Abrahams himself would have been toast.

Neither Anwar Dramat, nor Shadrack Sibiya would have had me hauled off a plane to London with my two minor children and subjected me to false imprisonment and torture for three days.

Neither would Dramat had allowed my legal advisor to kidnapped and driven around for hours before being dumped at a rural police station, with instructions to the station staff that she was not there.

Likewise Dramat would not have allowed Ntlemeza’s goons to breach a court order by again arresting me.

Neither Dramat or Sibiya would have repeatedly raided my offices, in the hope of finding and destroying the evidence I held.

Since it is now clear using the ‘but for’ analogy (the opposite in legal terms of ‘novus actus interviniens’) that, but for the Sunday Times, the criminal justice system would not have been captured. Accordingly, it follows, that; But for the capture of the criminal justice system, I would not have been dragged off a plane and; But for the capture of the criminal justice system State Capture Sarah-Jane Trent would not have been kidnapped, and; But for the capture of the criminal justice system State Capture as we know it would been a miserable failure with all the suspects rounded up and in prison.

Under Dramat and Sibiya, the multiple serious criminal cases opened by Forensics for Justice against Dudu Myeni, Jacob Zuma, Edward Zuma, Thalente Myeni, Duduzane Zuma, Yusuf Kajee, the Bhana’s, Jen Chi Huang, Lucky Montana, General Moonoo, General Phahlane, General Ntlemeza, Minister Nhleko and a whole host of others, would have been properly investigated and people would have been arrested and charged. This would have effectively HALTED State Capture.

Accordingly, Sunday Times, belong with KPMG, Hogan Lovells, ENS Africa, ANN7, The New Age, Bell Pottinger, McKinsey, Bain & Co and all the other dregs of society that thought they could get rich quick from state capture. I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again, The Sunday Times are the enemy of the people.

I’m giving you one last chance, to make a change for the better and my demand is really quite simple:

An unequivocal retraction of all three fake news stories: ‘SARS Rogue Unit’ as well as ‘Zimbabwe Renditions’ and ‘Cato Manor Death Squad’

An admission that your journalists and editorial team were ‘captured’ and therefore played a significant role in State Capture.

You and the journalists in question hand back the award they received for the fake news stories.

A full FRONT PAGE contrite apology to all the people of South Africa, including, but not limited to, myself, Sarah-Jane Trent, Anwar Dramat, Shadrack Sibiya, Johan Booysen, the SARS Three, Pravin Gordhan, Ivan Pillay, Glynis Breytenbach, Robert McBride, Matthews Sesoko, Innocent Khuba, Mandla Mahlangu and Temane Binang.

A public undertaking NOT to write stories fed to you by criminals in the future, like you clearly did on 2018-09-16. If you would have bothered to check the motives, you would have quickly realised you were being played, yet again!

Should you fail and/or refuse to comply with the admissions and rectification activities stated above, Forensics for Justice will start canvassing ALL advertisers that buy space in Sunday Times, with a formal request for them to boycott the Sunday Times, until it admits its facilitative role in State Capture and takes steps to remediate the situation.

Since it is clear that SANEF is also captured, in that they attempt to block freedom of speech by citizens, with dishonest and false media releases, I will also turn on them, should they take sides. Their silence was palpable whilst Sunday Times, ANN7, New Age and Bell Pottinger were engaged in State Capture, they therefore have no moral ground to stand on in defending dishonest media outlets.

It’s time the Media-Mafia of South Africa are held fully accountable for their role in State Capture and, since they will not self-regulate themselves, then it is up to the public to stop them. It’s clear SANEF is well past it’s sell-by-date and are now part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

I’m done being trashed, like I have been over the years, by dishonest journalists and their editors. From now on its ‘no more Mr Nice Guy’. Next you or the clowns at SANEF rattle my cage, prepare to be bitten.

You have SEVEN days to climb down off your high-horse and do the right thing, or prepare for a revenue boycott. I will gladly pay for an articled clerk to sit at the offices of Forensics for Justice and drive Tiso Blackstar shareholder value into the ground, if its managers cannot properly admit to their role in State Capture.

My rights are reserved.

Waseem Bahemia is currently a student at the Centre for Film & Media Studies at the University of Cape Town, and is an intern writer and social media strategist at Voices360.