Busting the myths on careers for creatives


Creativity is more than an endearing personality trait listed on a CV or a way to relax when we’re stressed. In the world of work, creativity is a pragmatic and sought-after skill. In fact, the World Economic Forum listed creativity as one of the top ten skills needed to thrive career-wise in 2020. Creativity allows a person […]

Think again if you thought further study isnt for you


Despite South Africa’s massive unemployment crisis, there remains great demand in the world of work for suitably qualified employees in a range of fields. At the same time, there are thousands upon thousands of young people who are convinced that gaining the necessary skills to fill these positions is out of their reach, for a […]

Lead exposure can have dire consequences for children and adults


Lead exposure continues to be a public health burden across the world because of its severe effects on people, and in particular, children. High levels of lead exposure affects the brain and central nervous system and can cause convulsions, coma and even death. Children who survive lead poisoning may be left with mental and behavioural […]


What exactly is the 4IR?

Last week, Deputy President David Mabuza caused quite a stir, but for all the wrong reasons, when he was quizzed in Parliament about the...


Everyone deserves a proper and dignified toilet

A toilet is one of the most important places that is normally taken for granted. Proper toilets provide human dignity and self-confidence giving people...


From Developing to Developed: What South Africa needs to do

Effective state intervention within developmental states is at the pillar of economic development. The state plays a significant role in controlling the prices of...