Languages play a role in 16 Days Campaign and National Reconciliation


The government is urged to create more opportunities for South Africans to learn and use indigenous languages as a means of improving social cohesion in local communities. Recent inquiries looking into obstacles to social integration in the Western Cape Province have highlighted the importance of all population groups learning English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa to enable […]

These are the digital skills matrics and graduates will need 2020


Over the next few months, South African matrics and university graduates will have one eye firmly on the future as they try to identify which path will give them the best chance of career success. And with youth unemployment at nearly 60%, it’s hard to understate the importance of those choices.  Ironically, far too few […]

South African Exceptionalism: An Afrophobic Proposition?


While international Nigerian artist Burna Boy is anticipated to perform in two weeks, tensions still remain high as anti-foreign sentiments still surface to expose the complexity of the modern day rainbow nation. The singer is expected to perfrom as a peace offering to contribute to the endless campaigning for the fight against xenophobia. However, his […]


Start up, go global, get paid – all with crypto

I have seen it time and time again: smart, young African entrepreneurs, who have the potential to turn their independent online businesses into the...


How do White South Africans view Apartheid?

The term “Crime Against Humanity” is highly charged politically and emotionally. The formal definition of this term is presented by the United Nations. It...


No! The welfare state must grow.

Interviewing a Chinese expert on China-Africa relations recently he mentioned some of the courses he was teaching. One particular course entailed examining a book...