Government uses some of the best available minds to help with Covid-19-models


A lot can be said about forecasting and modelling, its accuracy, and how it works. Forecasting and modelling provide any decision-maker with plausible predictions or outcomes to give some kind of estimated consequence. Without this field of science, planning would be difficult, as one would simply make decisions without knowing what might potentially happen to […]

Amplifying youth voices under lockdown


The collective opinion of the youth panel was that Generation Z, comprising students and young people just entering the jobs market in South Africa, do not feel heard and they resent much older generations (like politicians) making decisions that affect them without consulting them or really listening to their concerns. They were also largely dismissive […]

Youth needs to be responsible and lead the struggle against Covid-19


The youth is the future. As we celebrate Youth Month, we need to remember that the youth played a major role in the struggle for the democracy we currently enjoy. It is also important to note that the youth holds the power to a better tomorrow in the country.  We are now faced with another […]


Repurposing of testing facilities vital in response to the Covid-19

While the total number of Covid-19 tests conducted is slowly approaching the 2 million mark in South Africa with confirmed cases nearing 200 000,...


Why Public Participation is important

The Copyright Amendment Bill and Performers Protection Amendment Bill was referred back to Parliament. After about two years of public hearings, stakeholders making representations,...


Navigating Covid-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In South Korea, a grey “smart” speaker more resembling a candle than any technology at first glance, is paying close attention to the search...