The matric conundrum

Classroom desks are arranged in a way to encourage social distancing. Picture Courtney Africa/African News Agency (ANA)

The matric year is always one of the important years for each of the school going kids in which there are various activities dedicated to their schools’ matric pupils. The Covid-19 has played a significant impact in disrupting this year’s class and intended or planned activities designed to help them celebrate their last year at school.

The circumstances facing this year’s matric students made me think about what that the 2020 matriculants are going through and what motivates them in this challenging time. It is difficult to answer what motivates them, especially when listening to the noise happening about closing or reopening schools. To me, this noise makes the matric year more uncertain as these calls continue.

What has been promising lately for these year matriculants was the department’s final publication of this year’s matric examination dates? The release of the 2020 matric exam dates by the department requires us to support the matric students with their exam preparations. 

Consequently, it is also crucial that all of us interested in the success and ultimate progression of these learners to start giving these learners all the support they need to cope with the requirements of their challenging matric year.

I find solace when reading the following quote by former President Nelson Mandela, “When people are determined they can overcome anything. “The Matric class of 2020 needs to be supported so that they can feel confident of passing the coming exams they face in these challenging conditions.

It is also vitally important that the government departments can also play a significant role in supporting all the learners to be exam ready. The support given by the department will also require various interventions to help all students, especially those impacted dramatically by the Covid-19, to be ready for their exams.

To make the 2020 exams effortless for the matriculants, they need our help and support. Yes, 2020 is a challenging year, but with the matriculants’ right mindset and support, it will be easy to conquer their exams.