Youth needs to be responsible and lead the struggle against Covid-19

A patient receives a shot in the first-stage safety study clinical trial of a potential vaccine for Covid-19 at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle. Photo by: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

The youth is the future. As we celebrate Youth Month, we need to remember that the youth played a major role in the struggle for the democracy we currently enjoy. It is also important to note that the youth holds the power to a better tomorrow in the country. 

We are now faced with another struggle against a silent killer, the coronavirus which requires us to be disciplined and responsible to contain and curb the spread. The youth must also focus their attention on the socio-economic development of the country and be builders and not destroyers of the country for the future.

Covid-19 is a reality and looking at the daily statistics shows that the infections are rapidly growing and this calls for the youth to be disciplined and adhere to the regulations to ensure a progressive and successful future for the country. With the gradual re-opening of the economy and the selling of alcohol during the current level, it is more important for the youth to be more responsible than ever before. 

Some of the pictures we see portray serious disregard of the regulations and show irresponsible behaviour which endangers people’s lives. We all need to understand that the regulations are not meant to punish us but to contain and curb the spread of the coronavirus and ultimately save lives. Let us remember that there is currently no cure for Covid-19, therefore our actions and behaviours are critical to curbing the spread. The youth need to take the lead and help fight this silent killer.

One of the ways to contain the spread of the coronavirus is the regular washing of hands and this requires a reliable water supply to communities. As South Africa is a water-scarce country, it is important that the youth become water ambassadors and promote water conservation and wise use of the available resources to ensure that every citizen has access to water to wash hands and be hygienic. 

One of the major challenges we face as a country and that is pulling the country backwards is the vandalism of infrastructure, especially water infrastructure. The youth needs to come to the fore, take responsibility and protect the infrastructure from destruction through vandalism. 

Infrastructure vandalism stalls development, cause water losses and leaves some communities without water. Taking care and protecting water infrastructure ensures that everyone has access to water, especially during this time of fighting the coronavirus as every drop counts. Water is life and key to socio-economic development, therefore the youth must lead in protecting the water infrastructure and the resources for a better and sustainable future.

The youth need to be disciplined and responsible to help the country contain this deadly coronavirus. The pandemic has also exposed some gaps in our systems and those gaps provide opportunities for the youth. The youth, therefore, needs to focus on their education to help close the skills gap and to bring some new innovations to produce much-needed equipment.

The youth needs to be disciplined, responsible and take charge as the future is theirs.