Letter to the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga


I write to you as a very concerned citizen regarding the proposed opening of schools for the new academic year, upon which you have both discretion and directive as vested by the authority of your ministerialship. There can be no doubt that any nation’s power lies with the wealth and strength of its educational system […]

Examination leaks in the context of performativity in South Africa


This could be one of the reasons why learners, teachers, and parents resorted to unorthodox practices to ensure performativity, false academic standing, and a depicted fallacy of hard work. Examination leaks are common throughout the world, with seemingly no tangible strategies to address this challenge. The challenge has attracted various conflicting discourses among academics in […]

Is it time for Matric exams to go digital?


For the first time in South Africa’s history, the Department of Basic Education on Friday 4 December, 2020 took the extraordinary step of deciding that Mathematics Paper 2, as well as Physical Science Paper 2, be rewritten following the leaks. The Covid-19 pandemic has already put traditional ways of assessing learners to the test, but […]


Church and the fourth industrial revolution

As a young boy who was raised in the Lutheran Church, one of the things I had to contend with was the determination of...


Zionist Israel: 73 years of Apartheid occupation and oppression of Palestine

The global release of the B'Tselem Human Rights report that Israel is an Apartheid state hellbent on oppression, injustice and war crimes against Palestinians...


Money isn’t the most powerful motivator

Most companies have unique methods for motivating people. When it’s done right this delivers an energised workforce, inspires progress and pushes teams to excel....