Unlocking Africa’s energy investment potential will require more than Covid-19 to be over


Across the world, the Covid-19 pandemic, along with its subsequent travel restrictions and historic crash in oil prices, is deferring major final investment decisions and billions of dollars of capital that were expected to flow into Africa’s energy industry. Or is it really? While the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the oil market has […]

How Artificial Intelligence helps Huawei build green data centres


Data centres are being overhauled, revamped and modernised to support digital transformation and the power-hungry cloud deployments they contain. Artificial intelligence is a key part of this overhaul as energy conservation – to address both cost and environmental concerns – becomes a top consideration for data centres. AI solutions are being deployed in the push […]

Harvest rain water for water security


South Africa is a water-scarce and dry country with about less the average world rainfall. This combined with the negative effects of climate change on water resources and the fact that the country has not fully recovered from the severe drought experienced not long ago, it is crucial that we all become innovative in using […]


Is 2020 the year Africa takes charge of its destiny?

Does 2020 mark the year Africa steps into its stride and takes charge of its destiny in the 21st century? While we’re still dealing with...


Fractured doesn’t mean broken

When Covid-19 hit, there were only four questions that took primary place in the human anxious hours of 3 am in the morning: Am I...


Development finance institutions pledge to sustain Covid-19 mitigation, livelihood recovery

Multilateral development finance institutions have pledged to continue to collaborate in their efforts to mitigate the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and accelerate...