A sanitation game changer for Africa and the world


Millions of South Africans are among the 4 billion+ people that are without decent and sustainable sanitation in the world. And our horror stories are well documented, including the shocking cases of school pupils that have died in pit latrines. Many more countries in the world have faced similar cases and clearly this is a […]

A Carbon Catch-22


To keep one electric geyser hot for one year takes 1 ton of coal (burned to generate the electricity). The National Development Plan calls for 50% of homes to have solar water heating by 2030. In 2020, only one million homes have fitted solar water heaters.  That is ten percent of the 11 million homes in […]

Can Africa build its capacity to deal with the Coronavirus in time?


As the AU Summit commences in Addis Ababa today (Sunday) there is one glaring omission from the official agenda – the danger that the Coronavirus poses to the continent, and the capacity of African countries to deal with it.  On Tuesday last week, Dr Ambrose Otau Talisuna from the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Africa Office, […]


Achieving a digital balance in a technology-driven world: At what cost?

Exactly 2 years ago, I wrote about something that I felt was shameful for an academic like me to write about. It was how...


For the love of postcards

Before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there was the postcard. The younger among us may never have sent one to anyone. Communication today is mostly...


Queen bees muscle out other women in the workplace

The Queen Bee Syndrome is one in which a woman in a position of authority views or treats subordinates more critically if they are female,...