Every drop counts

Photo: Pexels

It is that time of the year when we get excited with the beginning of the warm weather during the Spring season. On September 1, we celebrate Spring Day but it is important that as we celebrate the beginning of Spring, we do so in a more responsible manner.

It has been seen in the past that one of the ways people celebrate the advent of Spring is playing with water and thereby water wastage. Playing with water is simply like throwing precious litres of clean and purified water down the drain. As water levels in the dams, rivers and streams continue to drop, it is about time that we start behaving responsibly, stop wasting precious water and ensure that each and every drop of the precious resource counts as water has no substitute. We need every drop of water, especially as we continue the fight against Covid-19.

South Africa is a water scarce country and with climate change upon us, water security must be a major priority for everyone. This then calls for each and every individual to be responsible and use the available water wisely, sparingly and in a more conservative manner. Playing with precious water in the name of welcoming Spring defeats the cause and leads to water shortages as Spring also brings warm weather leading to increased evaporation rates in our water resources. Increased evaporation leads to loss of precious water leaving us with less water.

The most critical element of preventing the wastage of water is the understanding of the value of water. Water is central to life and the catalyst for socio-economic development. Without water, there is basically no life as water has no substitute. It is therefore critical that we all understand the value of each and every drop of water from an early age. It is therefore important for adults to teach their children about the value of water and to emphasise the importance of water conservation for them to be responsible citizens and ensure water security for our water scarce country.

As we celebrate Spring, let us also remember that the coronavirus is still around therefore it is crucial that we continue to behave and act in a more responsible way to be safe. Be responsible and be safe.

Water is life, so let us be responsible and use the available water in a more conservative manner for water security for our current and future generations.