Heavy rains and floods came, but where is the water?


South Africa is a relatively dry and drought prone country. The rainfall is generally low and erratic with a mean annual precipitation in the order of 500mm compared to the world average of 860mm. Some 21% of South Africa receives less than 200 mm/a. The country has limited water resources and is ranked globally amongst the twenty […]

Young people must be actively involved in shaping SA


The recent boycott of the elections by eligible young South Africans places the country on precarious grounds and down a slippery road to a bleak future that can only spell disaster for our developing nation. Granted, there are a myriad of challenges that face the youth with high unemployment topping the list. But it is […]

Protect and conserve groundwater for water security


South Africa is a water scarce country and with climate change a reality, water resources are dwindling and surface water is becoming more limited. The normal water resources, such as the rivers, streams, and wetlands are getting depleted. This then calls for the need to look at groundwater as an important alternative to ensure we […]


Visual storytelling is a powerful learning tool

Visual storytelling is fundamental to the human experience, and one of our oldest forms of expression. From using fire to animate cave art, to...


How Morocco silences its critics

Any journalist in Morocco today who has the courage to criticise the illegal occupation of Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony, is now facing a...


It’s time to profit from your own purpose

“Purpose, by its nature, transcends making money,” said MIT professors Julian Birkinshaw, Nicolai J. Foss and Siegwart Lindenberg. Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to do...