Remembering Nelson Mandela when he said – No water no peace


The late Former First President of a Democratic South Africa, Nelson Mandela said water sector has made good progress in co-operation towards that objective. “We are here together under one roof, the biggest free-standing structure in Africa, promoting stakeholder dialogue and co-operation,” Mandela added. Noting further ne said nobody expects us to be in agreement on […]

The politics of African wildlife


As the politics of African wildlife continue to play a major role in ongoing media debates, some western writers are using the subject to help educate the public on the possibility that racism is impacting much of what is proposed by the West. The author of a fun-to-read and very educational book entitled Credit the […]

An integration decision of note


At the heart of South Africa’s water woes lies our continued inability to utilize the water we already have innovatively, effectively, efficiently and with the right levels of efficacy. This is not in any way discounting the vagaries of Climate Change and the increased frequency of extreme weather events. The extended El Nino cycles, including […]


South Africa gears up to enter a brave new world of...

President Cyril Ramaphosa is right when he says that to address the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment South Africa will need to...


The Fourth Industrial Revolution: a path to prosperity for Africa

Right now, we’re at a critical tipping point in Africa’s development. We’re hurtling headlong into The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which has the potential...


Why central banks need to take human rights more seriously

Many central banks are rethinking their approach to the environmental and social impact of their operations. This is because their decisions can affect access...