Everyone deserves a proper and dignified toilet


A toilet is one of the most important places that is normally taken for granted. Proper toilets provide human dignity and self-confidence giving people a head start in life. A toilet plays a very important role in creating a powerful economy as well as enhancing the health and preserving the dignity of safety of people, […]

Water security in the face of climate change


South Africa is a water scarce and one of the driest countries in the world and the continuing drop in water volumes in the water resources and less than required rain is having a serious dent in water availability and putting a strain on water security for the current generation which will also affect future […]

Tourism revenue will preserve nature’s magic and majesty


Conservation is expensive and crucial. Capital, drawn by South Africa’s wild mysteries and magic, can fund it, as well as socioeconomic development.        South Africa faces major challenges and opportunities: develop an inclusive economy that addresses poverty, unemployment and inequality while preserving the resources that sustain us. We must abdicate our unenviable position […]


We’ve had robot workers for years, it’s time to focus on...

If you analyse the work most knowledge workers perform, it is repetitive. The decisions they have to make, and the actions they take are...


The assassination of Soleimani has a huge cost for America

Despite conflicting official statements by the Trump administration about the reason behind its decision to target Iran's most celebrated military official, the U.S. is adamant...


Young wealthy people are ditching philanthropy for impact investing

Traditionally, when high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) want to make a difference in the world, they put their money into philanthropic endeavours. But philanthropy has...