Total ivory market shutdown – a blow for SADC countries


Southern African countries might sadly soon find themselves with virtually no markets to sell their ivory worldwide. This follows the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Washington-based Senior Vice President’s announcement today that the WWF is on a drive to shutdown all Asian ivory markets. According to WWF Senior Vice President and General Counsel, World Wide Fund (WWF) […]

Are we doing enough to empower women?


August is Women’s Month in South Africa, where the nation commemorates the historic march of 1956 which became a turning point in the role of women in the struggle for freedom. This march is a key milestone in South Africa’s road to freedom. The growth and development of a nation depends extensively on the empowerment […]

Will UN agency cities fail Africa for the 44th year?


Divisions among Africans countries were signed and sealed at the Berlin Conference in 1884-1885 that partitioned Africa into colonies under different Western European Governments control. The Berlin Conference regulated European colonisation and trade in Africa. Even in cases where Africans try to unite Western powers always want to divide them, in order to exploit them. […]


Women in ICT

Women's Month in South Africa occurs in August as a tribute to the more than 20 000 brave women who marched to the Union Buildings on...


Stop calling me young lady

Some may ask why I prefer to be called a young woman instead of ‘young lady’. Some may even ask ‘but is it not...


Economic theories aligned to the world order

The world is evolving every single day. Changes happen at the blink of an eye and one cannot help but ask themselves, where are...

Women in ICT