Slow kill cell phone towers and base station radiation

Photo: Pexels

I have attempted to draw your attention to the time it takes to die from radiation exposure can vary from a few minutes or a few years depending on your immune system, your current health, exposure time, the amplitude of the wave and proximity to the radiation emitted from cellular transmitters to the receivers through the deadly scalar waves (pulsed wifi technology). 

Show someone pictures of injured, dead and dying trees and say, “These trees and every biological organism in range of the deadly radiation emitted from the cellular towers and base stations are the root source of decay and death.” You get all kinds of reactions from confused, concern, disbelief and many others. Many ridiculed and questioned as did most. Now to get anybody to pay attention to anything in todays world of debt and poverty, filled with war, violence, and corruption is extremely difficult.

How does the radiation harm the tree? 

Starting from there you have to understand that the wave is pulsed at light speed creating a high-pressure system within the cellular network between cellular towers and base stations, smart meters, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, GPS and all the smart devices, industrial, military and civilian use. All the apps that these devices have installed on them, many of which are forced on the consumer, all communicate incessantly without a break. 

The collective pressure creates a high-pressure system that corresponds to the amplitude of the waves and the bandwidth sent between devices and towers. What we are not told is that every biological living matter will also be receiving these waves just like an antenna. A scalar wave propagates spatially through the air and is guided in a general direction if needed. To avoid the hazard of radiation, optic-fibre was created to contain the lock successfully. Trees have tubes which carry water up to the growing points of a tree from the roots. Palm trees have these tubes spread evenly throughout the trunk and transport water and nutrients to the leaves and fruit, and a mango tree has their water tubes that are located in a formation of a ring growth where their tubes are located closer to the bark. 

Just like an antenna the tree will receive and transmit the pulsed wave through these tubes at incredible speeds without stopping, creating high pressure and in the process stopping the transport of water and nutrients that keep the tree healthy. Looking at a monocotyledon palm tree that has been radiated, shows signs of imploding and thinning. In contrast, dicotyledonous fruit trees show signs of leaf drop first and followed by the bark turning white and mouldy and finally black, depending on the type of tree, some lose their bark, but the result is the same. The monocotyledon & the dicotyledon will not be able to support its weight of the dead or dying branch or trunk and collapse, as evidenced. Vegetables will produce poor quality fruits and eventually stop producing and die. Trees that live in water are not sparred either and cannot support life under those conditions.

Humans have more than 50000 kilometres of tubes of various delicate materials. Our bones have many tubes, just like trees transporting vital fluids. Living in the kill murder zone, I have experienced and identified different concentrations of radiation. The blurred vision being a most frequent one while people closer to the full potential of the wave have joint pains, dizzy spells, lack of energy, body weakness, unbalanced, high blood pressure…to start. Slowly your body is deprived of its vital fluids and disease sets in and decays your body creating according to your weakest grow point within trillions of cells throughout the body. Our bodies produce electromagnetic signals at different frequencies for various functions between organs, heart and brain. Now that we live in electromagnetic smog that disrupts our natural original earth order frequency for biological life on earth, our bodies are responding in ill health.

Now, this wave robs the earth’s atmosphere of water vapour and humidity. It penetrates the atmosphere as high as it does below the earth surface stealing the soil of its moisture and wiping out the microbiology. This is evidenced by collapsed walls whose soil microbial life died and the soil crumbled when heavy rains set in. As you move away from the radiation, the soil microbiology increases and trees have fewer health issues. Plants will be forced away from the radiation, bend and skew their trunk and straighten to normal when grown out of the range of the pressure wave effect as evidenced.

Another point overlooked is the fact that when two waves cross, the crossing point will be combined and increased in amplitude, power and density. With five telecommunications networks all drowning the atmosphere with radiation, pulsing at all the various frequencies of the various technologies, our bodies and the trees are drying out of vital fluids. We are heading for extinction if we allow these genocide radiation towers of death to operate in our physical space.

I hope this evaluation will be understood by all and verified with those who you deem to have knowledge in the appropriate fields to confirm visual findings and follow through with more technically qualified information.

All cellular towers should be declared weapons of mass genocide and removed from all public spaces immediately. Failure to do so will result in mass biological extinction as being evidenced with the trees and the decline of the human population health in the radiated area’s.