The prolonged and silent agony of sexual abuse


The pain of sexual abuse lingers long after the initial trauma. Like a silent cancer, the memory of pain, eats away, at the victims brain. No pill can stop the nudging pain. It manifests, frequently, as bouts of unexplained anger, suicidal depression and a range of somatic symptoms that is refractory to the best treatment […]

Public order police should treat protesters with dignity and respect


The protests, and the police’s unreasonable response to the #AmINext protests, outside the World Economic Forum gathering in Cape Town this past week, have once again exposed the state’s disregard for the people’s right to protest. The right to protest is central to our constitutional democracy. When a vulnerable community, or a vulnerable and poor […]

We are in a ‘State of Emergency’


The inhuman and barbaric killings of our young sisters Leighandre Jegels and Uyinene Mrwetyana including news of another our young Mazizini High School Grade 12 girl who was discovered raped and killed in Gxarha Village outside Dutywa, sad death of East London Red Alert clerk women Angelique Clark-Abrahams who was brutal beaten by a men, […]


Use new technology to address the water crises in SA

Cape Town experienced water shortages in September 2018; the City was forced to introduce measures which would force the residents to use certain litres...


South Africans are not Xenophobic

The term xenophobia itself is problematic when trying to explain and express how South Africans conduct themselves when reacting and responding to circumstances they...


The Congolese Conflicts: Role and Interest of Superpowers

Literature on United Nations (UN) peacekeeping has grown immensely since the end of the cold war, and a plethora of studies, have examined the...