A father’s presence is critical for child development


Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be called dad. The book of Psalm 103:13 says: “As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him”. 

Every child born in this world has a father initially, however, not many are present in their children’s lives. It pains me a lot to see a single mother fulfilling the roles of an absent father to her kids.

At an early age I lost my dad, it was difficult for my mother to raise six kids alone. The passing of my father triggered emotional breakdowns and created void of receiving fatherly love which led to me having low self-esteem. Even thou she did her best in raising us well, to be the men that we are today, the presence of my late father is still felt. However, this whole heart-breaking experience taught me one vital lesson – to be a present dad to my children’s lives. Immediately, when I heard that they were conceived, I committed myself from the spot to be the best father to my angels.

Nowadays it has become a normal trend and norm for young man to have babies with multiple partners. This trend, unfortunately creates uncertainty for the kids’ wellbeing and development. Each child deserves the love and care of a father. Many studies and research confirms the fact that a father’s involvement can have powerful effects on a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Regardless of the circumstances and differences that can emerge between the parents, it is always advisable to put the interests of the children first. Fathers let’s not compromise the happiness of our kids due to empty prides. Allocate yourself time to spend with your kids, it helps to create a bond and kids can only feel a father’s love when he spends time with them. Spending time together makes a father more sensitive to his child’s needs for love, attention, direction, and discipline.

My humble plea to my fellow compatriots do not wait for the maintenance court to remind you of your responsibility to look after the person you voluntarily brought into this world. Let’s forge ahead in ensuring that we establish awesome relationships with our children based on the core values of love, care, and availability. The bond between a caring dad and his children it does not necessarily have be built and centred on money.


Moahlodi Chris Maphori is a college graduate and works for GCIS as Senior Administrative Clerk – he writes in his personal capacity