Empowerment begins with equality


Gender diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace are no longer just nice to haves. They are business imperatives. Research already shows them to be socio-economic imperatives, because where women and other minorities are empowered, societies are shown to become stronger and to achieve greater economic success. South Africa thankfully has a progressive Constitution which, […]

Our Zozi Tunzi, our African Queen, our Miss Universe


It goes without saying how proud South Africans and Africans in large are of their daughter Zozi Tunzi, the newly crowned Miss Universe. As some of us fortunate enough not to be affected by ‘loadshedding’, managed to wake up during the wee-hours of the morning and sit in front of our televisions supporting one of […]

Institutional culture promotes male dominance ideology


A couple of years back, while pastoring a Christian faith community, an incident occurred that altered the course of my life. A well-known congregation member approached a colleague and shared with him a disturbing narrative about how sexual abuse was prevalent in her home, and how she had to structure her everyday life in order […]


Start up, go global, get paid – all with crypto

I have seen it time and time again: smart, young African entrepreneurs, who have the potential to turn their independent online businesses into the...


How do White South Africans view Apartheid?

The term “Crime Against Humanity” is highly charged politically and emotionally. The formal definition of this term is presented by the United Nations. It...


No! The welfare state must grow.

Interviewing a Chinese expert on China-Africa relations recently he mentioned some of the courses he was teaching. One particular course entailed examining a book...