Debunking myths about board gender diversity in SA


It’s a myth that there is not a sufficient pool of women available to serve on South African boards. As of July this year, South Africa has over 17 000 female SAICA (South African Institute for Chartered Accountants) affiliated chartered accountants. In 2010 there were 24 000 females graduating with Masters Degrees, and 6 100 with PhDs. […]

The prolonged and silent agony of sexual abuse


The pain of sexual abuse lingers long after the initial trauma. Like a silent cancer, the memory of pain, eats away, at the victims brain. No pill can stop the nudging pain. It manifests, frequently, as bouts of unexplained anger, suicidal depression and a range of somatic symptoms that is refractory to the best treatment […]

Public order police should treat protesters with dignity and respect


The protests, and the police’s unreasonable response to the #AmINext protests, outside the World Economic Forum gathering in Cape Town this past week, have once again exposed the state’s disregard for the people’s right to protest. The right to protest is central to our constitutional democracy. When a vulnerable community, or a vulnerable and poor […]


The Fourth Industrial Revolution: calling on Africa for an education revolution

From Cape Town to Cairo, Africa is a continent bursting with promise. The African Development Bank puts GDP growth for African economies in 2019...


Writing our own stories: Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe

As calls for the decolonisation of knowledge continue to reverberate through the halls of our teaching and learning institutions, one solution is to regale...


The economics of renewable energy in South Africa

There are controversies and contradictions around energy in South Africa, to a point where the modus operandi of supplying electricity have been highly politicized...