She exists and she is fierce!

Women march marking International Women's Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Friday, March 8, 2019. Marches and protests were held Friday across the globe to mark International Women's Day under the slogan #BalanceforBetter, with calls for a more gender-balanced world. The day, sponsored by the United Nations since 1975, celebrates women's achievements and aims to further their rights. (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

Woman, Gods most precious creation. Tender and full of nurture. She is fierce in what sets her soul on fire. She is a diamond, she exists, the only problem is that she has not been discovered as yet, because she simply has not realized her worth. 

She is so much more than she realizes. Every year I attend the woman’s conference. The conference happens in April each year. It is such a powerful gathering of woman of all race and age. They gather and are taught and reminded of “who they truly are” I believe as woman, we need to be reminded and given a nudge because we live life with such commitment and content, that we forget that we are Gods very best creation, a diamond, we exist. 

I have a strong mother. Widowed at an early age. Have 2 children. Here she was, left with the responsibility to do this on her own. I was in standard 6 when my dad passed away, today I am 33, married and have my own 2 boys. If I may add it, I have turned out pretty well. Why? A strong woman raised me. It was not easy! Imagine, the bread-winner, here today and gone tomorrow! I remember always seeing this fear and uncertainty in my moms eyes. “Am I doing the right things with these children”  I am sure such allot of females can relate to this. We never feel enough and that is our biggest problem. 

Society has weakened us by believing that our job is to look after our children and support our husbands, cook and clean at home. Televisions teach our girls that her job is to be a mom and a wife and the rest does not matter. We have to be honest, the way our moms grew up, it is so much different to our time of growing up. Back then, even in the olden movies, one can see that woman were not allowed to work, they had to be home with the children and then food has to be done when the husbands get home from work.  I like to say that this is the “Old Testament” way of living. Transformation has happened. “New Testament” way of living. 

Ladies, we were created to be strong, confident and we are beautiful. Created in Gods own image. We should never allow society to dictate to us who we are. We are able to be moms, wives; leaders; and everything we simply desire to be. Earlier on I mentioned the conference I attend each year. I go to it because I believe that a room full of woman, empowers and builds up. We have the ability to walk into a room, assess a situation and offer the solution. I believe we forget who we are because we live our lives according to what we think society accepts as the perfect woman. There is no such. Perfect woman does not exist. I do believe that in our struggles and in our differences, how we react to it and deal with it, that makes us different and fierce. 

I am a Christian mom. Do I have it all together? Never! I have 2 boys. Am I scared that I am not raising them the best I can? Of cause I am! But do I give up? No! I press on. We need to press on. Yes, some have abusive relationships. Abusive children. Unhappy marriages. Unemployed. Life is one big bubble of a struggle, but, we are the Diamonds. God created us in his perfect image. This means “we can” we need to want to “can”

Rise up and make the decision each day to be a different kind of woman. Imagine this ladies! Some our sisters really need the encouragement and the reminder. If we are all mopping around and allowing the stresses and the evils of this world define us, then who then will be a testimony to the rest I ask? Woman need to stand together. We get so caught up in competing and fighting and comparing, that we forget to look around and see our sisters holding on for dear life! hungry! alone! 

Woman to Woman encouragement is absolutely needed. It is a “must” We need to set the pathway our girls to come. We need to teach them that its okay for them to work, have a business, have a husband, have children, study, the list goes on. There should never be a limit on us. We need to help our girls realize their worth. We need to teach them that a man does not define you. Friends does not define you. We need to teach them they were made so special and they get to decide who they want to be. We need to teach them that its okay to mess up, just get up from the mess, fix your hair and put on some lip gloss and press on. 

We are Diamonds. We exist. We need to 1st discover ourselves. Discover our total worth. See our beauty without needing to be told. Acknowledge our strength without someone needing to tell us that we are strong. Come on ladies. We need to do this for the sake of those coming after us. Let us make the decision to get up daily and decide to be great in whatever we do. 

I am not saying lets disregard and disrespect our leaders or our husbands. What I am saying is that we need to be so confident and sure of who we are that nobodies opinions of us shakes us. It would be so amazing if we can just reach the point of deciding to be ourselves, no matter how weird, quirky, strange that may be. Lets start choosing more of ourselves, instead of wanting to fit in to the thoughts and beliefs of others. 

You are a Diamond.  We need to start reminding ourselves of this truth. Irrespective of the body type, the color, the race, the hair, the education level, the religion, the status, etc. We are no longer going to be defined by these things. Do you know that it is a fact that when we feed our minds positive things, this is how we will start to live. Maybe we can adopt the behavior of “so what”! So what if I am a bit big. I am beautiful. So what if I have no degree. I have insight. So what if I do not have a husband/boyfriend. I am living my best life.  So what if my religion requires me to never have my head uncovered. I will wear my gear with style and class. So what! So what! So what! I am a diamond and I know this. Who are you? 

Lets be confident in this one truth, that we were created to be everything that God has designed and set aside for us. We only limit ourselves by accepting the lies that society teaches us. We become our biggest enemy when we decide to forget who we are and settle for who they say we need to be!

Chanelle Adams is a qualified project manager and training facilitator. She is a blogger and passionate about writing and journalism.