New study suggests economic and social costs of alcohol abuse higher than previously thought


A new baseline study commissioned by SACBC Justice and Peace Commission and DG Murray Trust suggests the economic and social costs associated with alcohol abuse in South Africa are far higher than previously thought. In some provinces, the burden may even outstrip the sector’s economic contributions, making alcohol the most harmful drug at a population […]

Can men be allies in the struggle to end gender violence?


By Bernedette Muthien Like some people’s Facebook relationship status, the question of men as allies to women’s liberation is complicated. All identities are artificial, social constructs. And serve particular interests, notably maintaining physical, structural and/or cultural domination of the privileged over the dominated. Identities are formed and maintained in the mind, in the consciousness, and it […]

What are we really celebrating this Women’s Day?


When capitalism is in crisis, it turns on women, people of colour, LGBTI++ groups and other minority groups. We have seen this throughout history. When World War I and II ended globally, economies were in tatters and capitalism had to repress women to regain its edge. Men returned home to find women doing ‘men’s work’, […]


Dermatologist from UFS publishes first-of-its-kind Skin Atlas for SA

A senior lecturer and specialist in the Department of Dermatology at the University of the Free State (UFS) has published the very first comprehensive...


For how long will the JSE be allowed to get away...

Historians, true historians, tell us that in this part of southern Africa the denial of rights of indigenous people started with the arrival, on...


The importance of business insurance during a time of crisis

Times are tough. South Africa is in the grips of a global pandemic, with a deepening recession on the horizon. For business owners, the...