Live more for less, four strategies to maintain your lifestyle in 2021


Enjoying the day or night out with friends or family is always a great way to have fun and make memories, but it’s also an easy way to blow a ton of cash, quickly! Movies, drinks, lunch, Uber… before you look again you’ve spent more in one day than you would on food for a […]

Digital retail growing exponentially in Africa


Michael Zahariev, co-founder of Luxity, shares his views on how the fashion retail space can re-position itself for an unpredictable future through integrating the traditional and digitised shopping experiences Africa boasts a large internet market. Spearheaded by Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Mauritius and Kenya. Mobile saturation on the continent is expected to double over the […]

Getting your car road-trip ready for a unique 2020 holiday


With many local airlines not operating fully, and the importance of social distancing still a top priority, it could be the case that a wider array of South Africans will embark on road trips this December than normal. In a year of hard lockdowns, many a South African will be itching to hit the wide-open […]


Church and the fourth industrial revolution

As a young boy who was raised in the Lutheran Church, one of the things I had to contend with was the determination of...


Zionist Israel: 73 years of Apartheid occupation and oppression of Palestine

The global release of the B'Tselem Human Rights report that Israel is an Apartheid state hellbent on oppression, injustice and war crimes against Palestinians...


Money isn’t the most powerful motivator

Most companies have unique methods for motivating people. When it’s done right this delivers an energised workforce, inspires progress and pushes teams to excel....