Play Your Part – make South Africa a blockbuster


Ever wondered who has the final say in which Hollywood film, actor or producer wins an Oscar? At the core of this question is the importance of local support. As South Africans, we could learn a thing or two from this success story. At the beginning of every year, since May 16th back in 1929, […]

Alcohol is a poison


A young man in his thirties came to see me, desperately wanting to save his marriage. It turned out that his wife had given him an ultimatum that if he didn’t stop drinking, she was going to leave him. Her ultimatum came like  a blow to his solar plexus. He cried uncontrollably, desperately wanting help […]

Globalisation 4.0: time to look ahead and proactively anticipate risks


The Fourth Industrial Revolution age is beginning to shape how businesses function and leaders need to examine how society and business should fundamentally and structurally adapt in line with today’s vastly changed world. The reality is society is facing more risks today than a few years ago, from security of information to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) […]


Visual storytelling is a powerful learning tool

Visual storytelling is fundamental to the human experience, and one of our oldest forms of expression. From using fire to animate cave art, to...


How Morocco silences its critics

Any journalist in Morocco today who has the courage to criticise the illegal occupation of Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony, is now facing a...


It’s time to profit from your own purpose

“Purpose, by its nature, transcends making money,” said MIT professors Julian Birkinshaw, Nicolai J. Foss and Siegwart Lindenberg. Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to do...