For some working from work just works


Are you one of the growing number of office workers now operating out of a make-shift cubicle in your home theatre, dressed in tracksuit pants, hand sanitisers on standby and surrounded by a stockpile of toilet paper, packets of pasta and canned foods? Among the coronavirus pandemic’s many impacts, working from home – WFH – […]

How I switched my side hustle and day job around. Successfully


More and more people are no longer doing just one thing. Sure, they go to work every morning, and come home every evening, and get excited when the weekend rolls around. But then evenings, weekends and lunch hours are spent focusing on one or more side hustles. In my company, this ranges from DJing to […]

Special edition: Living in Beijing in the times of Corona


“I’ll come, I’ll come”, as I try explaining to the man, on the other side of the phone, in broken Chinese. I’ll meet him at the university gate.  He was explaining, in Chinese, that he had the food which I had ordered online and they would not let him onto the university campus.  Since my […]


Trends 2020: Coaching in the age of 4IR

The international coaching market is growing, largely as a result of business and political leaders looking to improve their own prospects and – more...


Work in the time of Corona

As South Africans face the reality of a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, working from home has become the “new normal”...


What opportunities does the Coronavirus pandemic offer a Reimagined South Africa?

The crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic offers our country an opportunity to recapture the spirit of Ubuntu demonstrated by empathy, responsibility and solidarity. The...