Finding your purpose in a time of Covid-19

Oprah Winfrey poses for photographers upon arrival at the premiere of the film "A Wrinkle In Time" in London. Photo by: Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP, File

A life lived with a commitment to make this world a better place is a life well lived and worth pursuing.

To this end, the words of Mark Twain come to mind when he stated that “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” From these words, we can surmise that every human being on this earth was created to fulfil a certain purpose, and it is for every individual to discover what this purpose is. Living a life of purpose should be a preoccupation of every human being on earth. To discover our life purpose, we should all undergo a journey of self-discovery to ensure its fulfilment.

Since charity begins at home, the process of self-discovery should start there with the parents supporting and encouraging their children to pursue their interests and passions. Other agents of socialisation such as the school and the church can play a supportive in the moulding of well-rounded and socially grounded individuals. It is important that when the children complete school, they should have identified their passions before they can enter the world of work. 

This is important because being stuck in a job one does not love leads to stagnation with no prospects of growth, enrichment and fulfilment of one’s purpose. Identifying one’s passion will have a positive impact on general well-being as it will energise and fuel success. Success breeds success and strengthens confidence. 

In addition, doing something we love can only reduce stress and improve our health. This reality will also help to enhance our relationships. Our passions can help to steer us to simplified and authentic lives and avoid confusion through pursuing what interests us. Greater self-awareness and self-confidence are the other benefits of pursuing our passions. 

It happens that sometimes that in the pursuit of our passions, they become our vocation or career. Getting paid for doing something we love to do is definitely something to aspire for. It is a truism that when we do something we love and enjoy, excellence is a real possibility, and our growth and rapid promotion are almost guaranteed.

Doing what we love ensures that we fulfil our vocational purpose or what we sometimes refer to as a calling. There is no better reward than using our God-given skills and talents to do what we love for the benefit of others and get remunerated for it. Finding fulfilling vocations will also ensure that the joys we experience in our work will spill over into our lives and become better workers. This balance between our work and life will lead to increased satisfaction overall. Once we feel that our purpose is being fulfilled, we will then think of glorious legacies we can leave behind once we are gone.

It is clear that there is a definite link between passion and purpose. Our passions can assist us in fulfilling our purposes on this earth. We just have to identify what it is we love doing and then do it to the best of our abilities. This may be by way of teaching others or even sweeping the streets. If this is done in service to others, then it is noble indeed. Once our passions are discovered, it can lead to fulfilling careers and lives in general.

In the words of Oprah “follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose.” I can only agree.