Live more for less, four strategies to maintain your lifestyle in 2021


Enjoying the day or night out with friends or family is always a great way to have fun and make memories, but it’s also an easy way to blow a ton of cash, quickly! Movies, drinks, lunch, Uber… before you look again you’ve spent more in one day than you would on food for a week! And, in a time where Covid-19 has affected our financial security, spending that amount of cash can really hit home hard. Rioma Cominelli, a Director at First Loyalty Plus, says “Covid has really served as a reminder for us all that – regardless of our income – we need to be adopting better money habits.”

She explains that learning to be more frugal is going to be a key lifestyle trend in 2021 but adds that curbing your spending doesn’t necessarily mean a complete change in the way you live and socialise. “Exchanging your social life for a savings account isn’t the only way to go out without going broke,” she says.

So, whether you are simply looking to reduce debt, save more or spend less, Rioma offers 4 tips on what you do to can maintain your lifestyle for less in 2021:

1. Shop the specials:

Few things feel as good as shopping a bargain. Why spend money buying products at full price when you can get them for less? The best deals are the ones offered by retailers during December and January when most people have exhausted their funds over Christmas. This is when retailers have up to 50% off their products. Paying less for something does not decrease its value, it means you’re smart enough to make beneficial financial decisions.

2. Shop online:

The digital age has not only made shopping so much easier, it also gives you the opportunity to compare prices from multiple online stores at the touch of a button. Moreover, doing your grocery shopping online will curb impulsive in-store spending on non-essentials. Just remember to only shop on reputable sites, so that you can protect your personal information and not fall victim to cybercrime.

3. Join a loyalty programme:

72% of South Africans are part of a loyalty programme, and it’s no wonder why. Loyalty programmes are designed to give you more for less. There are different types of loyalty programmes, from point-based systems to paid programmes. First Loyalty, for example, is a paid programme that enables you to save up to 50% on holidays, movies, coffees and even spa treatments. You also get R120 cash back on meals.

4. Stay home:

Every time you leave the house you incur a cost – be it for petrol, an Uber or a taxi. Heed our president’s plea to “Stay home and stay safe” and you are guaranteed to save too! This doesn’t mean that you can’t order in (take-out is significantly cheaper than going to a restaurant) or download a movie online. Enjoy the things you love for less, all in the comfort of your home.

“The quality of your life is a direct result of the sum of your actions. Financial savviness safeguards you against unnecessary financial pressure, but also allows you to still enjoy the comforts you’ve come to know and enjoy. So, make 2021 the year that you live more, for less,” concludes Rioma.

Opinion Editorial by First Loyalty Plus.