Play your part to curb the spread of Covid-19 and save South Africa

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

The number of coronavirus infections and deaths is increasing on a daily basis and we are now approaching 5000 positive cases and the 100 mark in terms of death in the country. This shows the seriousness of the pandemic but it is heartbreaking to see that there are still people who take the invisible deadly virus for granted and keep behaving and acting in the most irresponsible ways and keep breaking the regulations. 

It is heartbreaking to always read and see the daily statistics of people breaking the lockdown regulations. Our leaders must also lead by example and show us the responsible ways of behaving during this lockdown. We need to understand that this coronavirus attacks everyone irrespective of gender, race, and social status, and start being responsible to protect and save our lives and those around us. 

As a society, we need to understand that the current lockdown is not a way to punish and control our movements but the government’s attempt to curb the spread of this killer virus. The lockdown is implemented to contain and stop the spread of the coronavirus and ultimately save lives. It is a serious sacrifice that we all need to take to limit the devastation of this killer virus and save lives. Let us be responsible and disciplined and work with the government to beat this silent killer. We need to be responsible and disciplined and comply with the regulations as set by our government to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The current situation is difficult for everyone, but it is crucial that as a nation, we work together towards a common goal, as together we have the power to defeat this pandemic. Being divided and pulling in different directions opens gaps for the enemy, which is the coronavirus, to enter and infiltrate us, but united and working together we will conquer and defeat this silent killer. Let us, therefore, comply to the regulations and encourage each other to do the good thing, even though it is hard. This is the little sacrifice we have to give to ensure that we defeat this silent killer and save lives. Complying and following the regulations will ensure that we flatten the curve leading to the loosening of the regulations and taking us closer to our normal life.

Let us promote the culture of regularly washing hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other germs that cause diseases. Hands are the most common highways for the transmissions and spread of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases resulting in people being hospitalised for treatment and at worst death. Hands are the most common ways of transporting and spreading germs and viruses. It is therefore important that we stop touching things unnecessarily and avoid shaking hands to keep our hands clean and healthy at all times.

As we regularly wash our hands to get rid of bacteria and viruses, it is also important to remember that South Africa is a water-scarce country which therefore calls on all of us to be more responsible and use the available wisely and sparingly so as to ensure that everyone has access to water, especially during this trying period.

Let’s heed government’s call to stay at home and always practise social distancing. Let us go out only if it is necessary and quickly return home after doing the essential things. Let us also ensure that our kids are always at home and not roaming the streets as this exposes them, our families and communities to the virus.

Winning the fight against this Covid-19 pandemic relies solely on in the way we behave, and the only way is to be responsible and disciplined. Being more responsible and disciplined will make the work of our law enforcement agencies much easier.

Let us also respect and give the officials who are ramping up the testing the opportunity to do their work and stop harassing and threatening them as they are there for the good of everyone and to help flatten the curve and prevent the loss of life.

The fight against this silent killer is not government’s fight but every citizen’s fight. We must, therefore, be responsible and disciplined and adhere to the regulations to ensure that we flatten the curve.

Stay at home, keep the distance, regularly wash hands or sanitise, stop the spread and save lives!