The echoing voice of Katlego Maboe


I vividly hear the echoing voice of Katlego Maboe “Cheincha Dai Deng.” The recent events have “Cheincha Dai Deng” for him, but can we celebrate this recent change on his part? The answer is No.

The distasteful video of Katlego Maboe’s recently surfaced video has been a torn to his family and himself. This recent event shows reputation risk management is not the concept for only big corporates but also applies to us as individuals.

Recently, we witnessed the Clicks hair saga and the actions taken afterwards. Now we are seeing a private matter that came straight to our eyes and the real question, what to do as individuals to protect ourselves from these harmful acts? We need to know or ensure that whatever we do will always come out either as good or detrimental to the public eyes, and we, therefore, need to ensure that we can live by our actions.

As I write now, Katlego’s life and that of his family have ruined by this recently surfaced video of him confessing his undoing. This video has led to Outsurance taking a stance and pronouncing that they will be removing all the adverts with his face on it. I would think the management of their decision to remove all adverts were commendable, as this is a good signal to everyone that inappropriate actions against women will and cannot be tolerated. The decision to remove all adverts involving him was taken despite him doing a sterling job for the company for several years and acting as its ambassador.

As much as the above has been said, I would think OUTsurance will need to show us leadership and help Katlego be a better person who respects women and the family unit. This event is a reasonable opportunity for all companies involved to support initiatives that support healthy families, and with that, they can use this recent experience to harness their messaging.

The support can help an organization that will work with Katlego to change men’s behaviour and thus promote a responsible family unit. OUTsurance and Expresso, they will need to Cheincha their approach on this matter and help rebuild the family unit.

We can’t be celebrating the downfall of this young man as a people. My view is that we need to help him ratify his mistakes and be good again. Yes, he is a role model to some and made a mistake.