Adultery and the South African legal system


The trending video of Katlego Maboe has sparked much social debate on gender-based violence, divorce, anger management, resolving marital issues and adultery. From these debates, it has become apparent that there is a need to remind the South African public on what the law says about adultery. Adultery and malicious dissertation are for the most […]

The echoing voice of Katlego Maboe


I vividly hear the echoing voice of Katlego Maboe “Cheincha Dai Deng.” The recent events have “Cheincha Dai Deng” for him, but can we celebrate this recent change on his part? The answer is No. The distasteful video of Katlego Maboe’s recently surfaced video has been a torn to his family and himself. This recent […]

Breast Cancer Awareness month, what about black women?


It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and questions around the reach of awareness are important to ponder. Who is the awareness really for? Much of the awareness is predominately in English, while cancer centres and health facilities are mostly located in urban areas. The result – women in rural areas struggle to receive and understand […]


Is 2020 the year Africa takes charge of its destiny?

Does 2020 mark the year Africa steps into its stride and takes charge of its destiny in the 21st century? While we’re still dealing with...


The impact of veld fires

About 200 000 hectares of agricultural land have been burnt down in veld fires that raged in the western parts of the Free State...


Why SME’s, fair competition must go hand-in-hand

South Africa’s economy is reeling amid the pandemic, and the year 2020 has prompted many discussions around why now is the time for the...