In memory of fallen giant, Advocate George Bizos

Advocate George Bizos

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing away of advocate George Bizos, a most outstanding and dedicated patriot who served our country with unswerving commitment. He stands out as a giant among those whose contributions have served and continue to serve us in our struggle to build a nation out of scattered hopes and lofty aspirations. His death will serve to remind many of a legal colossus, who left his imprint on our country.

South Africa is bereft of one of its longstanding founding heroes, and his passing is a tremendous loss to the national community. We should be assured that while great people will die, death can never kill their names. Advocate George Bizos was a distinguished lawyer, whose euridite legal acumen, especially during the various treason trials of the 1960s, was indelible and irrefutable proof of the measure of this impeccable and learned jurist.

Bizos was one of the most courageous and erudite lawyers that South Africa ever produced. We shall surely miss him. Our obvious consolation is that he has left indelible imprints and footprints on the sands of time for us to remember him continually. His death represents the end of an era of those eminent legal scholars who fought against tyranny and made indelible marks in our judiciary.

He was purely a classical, erudite and distinguished jurist. Eloquent, brilliant and with such jurisprudential sagacity of a rare breed he was an epitome of judicial uprightness. He always stood on the side of truth and justice, was fearless and would always speak truth to power. His legal strategy, when defending beloved Madiba and others will be remembered for posterity.

He led the defence of accused activists with tremendous skill and wisdom. He was filled with courage, integrity, fairness and grace, with an unfailing instinct to be right about the great issues of our time.

His commitment to justice and equality was total. He left us something to emulate, decipher and make marks on in the course of our life experiences to make this country better.

May his profound soul rest in perfect peace.

By Farouk Araie