Is Mozambique not seeking help from the very people behind the insurgency?

Photo: Pexels

The so-called “ISIS terror group” won’t be defeated by the European Union nor the United States that hatched and raised it in the first place.

The war on terror, that campaign without end launched almost 20 years ago by George Bush, is tying itself up in ever more ridiculous and laughable contortions. In June of 2015, the terrorism trial of a Swedish man in London, collapsed after it became clear that British Intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting.

With the help of both, regional and Western powers, ISIS has massacred many Muslims around the world. Christian communities in the Middle East have also not been spared. In the United States, many mosques and churches have been destroyed.

According to a story that was carried by Reuters on the 23/9/2020, it is alleged that “Mozambique has asked the European Union for support in tackling a wave of militant attacks in the country’s north by rebels with links to Islamic State, a conflict that has raised fears for the stability and security in Southern Africa”. The so-called Islamist attacks in Cabo Delgado province have been going on since 2017 after Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) was discovered in that part of the country. If that turns out to be the truth, then we are left with a lot of questions on the credibility of our continental institutions such as the African Union (AU) and the regional body the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC). Why would the African Union (AU) let Mozambique ask for help from European countries? Why is the African Standby Brigade, which African leaders have been harping about a year in, year out after they had taken their Whiskey’s in Addis Ababa, not in operation? Why should SADC outsource its security to European countries?

Before heading off to Brussels, the AU and the SADC should take a very close look at the Human Rights record of not only Mozambique but other countries on our continent, South Africa included. The integrity and quality of governance in Africa must be placed under the microscope. 90% of our continent live in abject poverty. 10% of the political elite have huge bank accounts around the world. These corporate financial institutions encourage the inflow of monies into their economies. No questions asked.

The uprisings, demonstrations, insurgency, call it what you may, is a manifestation of the greed and power hunger of the political cartel, hell-bent on enriching themselves. Blaming ISIS, Al Shabab or any other extremist, “Jihadist”, “Islamist” group is an exercise in futility.

The above questions and many others demand answers. It’s time the AU admitted that it cannot provide security for Africa. They need to ask their yesteryear colonial masters to do it for them. How can a country which secured its independence 45 years ago, think of training its forces to fight the insurgency now? What was happening during all those years? Didn’t they know that in times of peace a country should prepare for war? Our African governments should stop the habit of begging from the colonial masters for everything. This has to come to an end. It seems like our leaders are now addicted to begging from white people. Why can’t we develop our own institutions and defence capabilities that we can be proud of? When our leaders are told to speed up our integration and form the United States of Africa, they resist. They resist because each one of these dictators cannot accept the fact that they will cease to be called Mr President and instead be called governor as Africa will require one President. Each one of them dreams of becoming the most powerful leader. Furthermore, such a development would also limit corruption, something which most of our leaders cannot tolerate.

What our leaders fail to understand is that these very countries from whom they seek help, are the same behind the so-called ISIS which was formed for the sole purpose of wanting to mortgage our resources to our former colonial masters. The plan is that, in the midst of the chaos created by ISIS, they continue to steal and loot our resources and bring in their troops under the guise of providing security. Recently, Zimbabwe announced the discovery of vast amounts of oil and gas in the Muzarabani basin by an Australian company Invictus that has been prospecting for these for some time now. If we live a bit longer, we might see the emergence of a new group of ISIS in Muzarabani, an area with no Muslims at all. This tells us one thing that, the kind of ISIS that emerges from these highly resourced areas in Africa, has got nothing to do with Islam or any other religion for that matter. ISIS is fake and is led by people who can’t even pronounce the universal greetings in Islam.

To SADC, it’s a shame to allow one of our member countries to go back to our former colonial masters and ask for military assistance. We are supposed to have a SADC Standby Brigade which was commissioned and is currently based in Zimbabwe which can do just that. Why not deploy that one to Cabo Delgado? Our sovereignty is at stake when we outsource our security to our former colonial masters, I thought our leaders knew better. This is a mockery of our institutions in our region and on the continent

We hereby call for reforms at the AU with immediate effect. The AU has failed us. The AU does not instill any confidence in the African population. They do not see any reason why they should support the AU or other regional bodies. The current crop of leaders has nothing to offer Africa. To run to our former colonial leaders for all our needs is an indictment on our abilities to lead and provide for our people.

Our National Anthem says it all: “God help Africa”.

By Dr Mustafa Mheta