Mr President Ramaphosa, will government to stand up against lawlessness?


The Brackenfell school saga has captured the national discourse, yet again, perpetuating the racial narrative repeatedly spewed by the EFF.

“Silence becomes cowardice when the occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly”. Mahatma Gandhi observed this truism.

The Brackenfell school saga has captured the national discourse, yet again, perpetuating the racial narrative repeatedly spewed by the EFF.

The seemingly reticent and fearful response from you and government against violent and unlawful acts by elements of this group, who are nothing more than crass hooligans, posing for a cause they claim is a “revolution” cannot be left unchecked, more especially by you, the president of the country.

What is it, that invokes your silence and inaction on a matter that is both unconstitutional and a disutility to all South Africans?

Surely, it should have been evident to you that the prime objective of the EFF is to sow racial discontent and animosity at a time when the country can least afford it.

Having been granted legal permission to “protest” with a maximum of one hundred so-called supporters, the EFF reneged, criminally I might add, and swelled their numbers to beyond this figure, adding to the tension and angst and creating a highly volatile situation.

The EFF has become a group of divisionists and my observation – and I hope it is yours as well – that certain elements of South African society refuse to forfeit barbaric conduct in lieu of decent, civil and lawful protest.

With burgeoning crime in the country, much-needed law enforcement resources are directed to control a bunch of thuggish protesters instead of protecting an already hapless citizenry.

The application by the EFF to hold such a protest, like all other protests they are involved in, is merely a “poisoned chalice” – that has been vouchsafed on the premise that it was to be “peaceful.” It has been proven that this is simply smoke and mirrors to detract from their real intention.

Is it that difficult for you to enforce parliament to enact legislation to ensure that when political parties apply for permission to protest, that a substantial deposit be lodged with the authorities, that in the event of their members not adhering to the condition or are in violation of such an application, then such a deposit is forfeited in an instant?

Further, if law enforcement is required to be deployed to act against unruly elements of such protests, then this deposit is also forfeited, as it is the taxpayer who carries the financial burden of such deployment.

This will serve as a severe deterrent for political parties to “bus-in” their so-called supporters, with handouts of food and a few bob, to wreak havoc and mayhem, disrupt civilian life that threatens law-abiding citizens who may not want to participate in such action or who are not in agreement with such action.

Julius Malema, the racially inciteful leader of the EFF, sees no problem in allowing his so-called “fighters” from promoting their illiberal and egregious conduct at will – in fact, he thrives and basks with arrogant hubris at their apparent show of strength. This is the man who ironically labelled his former political godfather, Jacob Zuma as a “constitutional delinquent” – very much the pot calling the kettle black!

Peaceful protest is a right and is condoned, but racial incitement has to be stopped with immediate effect or else this country will pay a price of unimaginable proportions.

Mr President, unless you make an unequivocal and bold deprecation against such acts and effect real, enforceable legislation, I will then have to reiterate, that sooner rather than later the people will respond, with telling consequences that may well tarnish your presidential legacy and drive South Africa into chaos and anarchy.

I trust that you will at the very least listen to a voice that is extremely concerned about the current state of this nation, and not resile on your presidential obligations to act.

By Narendh Ganesh