Cherishing life and remembering lost ones


In this era of Covid-19, where death is menacingly lurking in the background, it is important to think about how we will be remembered when we are gone.  When we are born our parents more often than not cherish certain expectations about how our lives will turn out and this is reflected mostly in the […]

Where there is smoke, there must be a fire


This past weekend’s reports of a possible cabinet reshuffle must therefore have some degree of credence to them. In theory, a cabinet reshuffle could take place at any time. It is, after all, the prerogative of the president to fire people from his executive.  However, with a pandemic spreading like wildfire, a health structure that […]

Synergised action to get through Covid-19 using available data


The Covid-19 pandemic now has a firm grip on Africa. There are more than 415 000 cases and 10 000 deaths on the continent. And Africa’s worst affected country – South Africa –  is reeling with close to half of those infections and over 3000 deaths. There is still no vaccine available and the only […]


Disinformation Defences for content ‘Deepfakes’ an imperative

A war of words looks very different in the 21st century in a world dominated by agendas and ever more sophisticated technology.  In fact, we...


Interview with Khanyisa Mabala

1. Where is your hometown? Where in Johannesburg do you live?  I was born and bred in Port Elizabeth and I currently live in Midrand.  2....


Navigating Covid-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In South Korea, a grey “smart” speaker more resembling a candle than any technology at first glance, is paying close attention to the search...