The DA-EFF coalition government continues to fail


The historically white liberal DA and populist EFF coalition government in Tshwane will be exactly three years in August this year. For all intents and purposes, they are practically left with only less than 900 days before their DA-EFF coalition is overthrown from power by the residents of Tshwane in August 2021. Many of us residents of Tshwane can’t wait any longer to see them being overthrown from power through the ballot.

The history of DA is known to many of our people as the political party that predominantly represents whiteliberal interest, while on the other hand their diametrically opposed coalition partner EFF; can simply be described as the third revised version of the ANC following the formation of the other two ANC break-away groups – UDM in 1997 and COPE in 2008.

The EFF politics are often not only unrealistic, they are populist and demagoguery at best. They are co-governing with the DA in Tshwane and must be equally held responsible for all service delivery failures in Tshwane, including the DA-EFF coalition failure to resolve the much talked about Glad-Africa contract debacle; and their failure to provide the residents of Hammanskraal with good quality clean drinking waterfor the past three years.

The DA-EFF coalition in Tshwane is complicit in supplying the residents of Tshwane with water that is not suitable for human consumption, and I think they should all be legally held responsible for any waterborne diseases that may occur as a result of the extremely poor drinking water in the area. We encourage the residents of Hammanskraal in Tshwane to seriously consider a class action against the DA-EFF coalition, Gauteng Provincial Government and the Department of Water and Sanitation; for any resultant waterborne diseases and death.

We have also heard allegations on numerous occasions that the DA-EFF coalition is being deliberately sabotaged, but so far we have not seen or heard of any legal actions against the culprits. If the allegations are true that the DA-EFF coalition is being deliberately sabotaged in Tshwane, we will support the DA-EFF to use any legal means to work with law abiding residents, intelligence, criminal, justice and law enforcement agencies to expose those evil forces behind the sabotage irrespective of which political parties they belong to and their associates.

As AZAPO, we honestly believe that any political party and/or political party leader that uses any deceitful and dishonorable means to collapse service delivery, good governance and legislatures (council, provincial legislatures, national council of provinces and parliament); they must be out rightly rejected by our voters and isolated from our communities. These are the type of political parties and leaders that in simple language represent part of undesirable evil in this world. Our residents must not allow these charlatans to lie to them; there is nothing radical and revolutionary about evil deeds.

As a matter of principle, we sincerely believe that all our residents in Hammanskraal including other areas under the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, must never allow themselves to be held ransom by any political party leader and/or political party including AZAPO, in return for votes or just to prove that theirs was much better administration; and in the process compromise the lives of our people.

In a multiparty politics, all matured political parties and leaders understand clearly that any political party that exclusively serves her leaders and not the People will not remain in power for a very long time. It pains some of us that many of our people are exposed to the waterborne diseases in Hammanskraal area which can be spread through bathing, washing, drinking and eating food that is exposed to the contaminated water.

The DA-EFF coalition government in Tshwane had almost three years in charge of the city and could have by now resolved the water crisis in Hammanskraal area. Their failure to find permanent solution to the water crisis and cause for prosecution of those allegedly involved in sabotaging the DA-EFF coalition leaves the residents with no any other option but to reject them in the forthcoming National and Provincial Elections (NPE) on the 8th of May this year.

As for those who are alleged to be deliberately disrupting and sabotaging the service delivery in Tshwane, their time is up. They can be best described as evil as apartheid was to the majority of our people. We believe that they must be identified, exposed and face the full might of the law for endangering the livesof our people in Tshwane.

Lesego Sechaba Mogotsi is a member of the AZAPO Committee on Publicity and Information based in Tshwane, Gauteng.