Unsung Heroes and Sly Villains

David MabuzaPicture: Dumisani Sibeko/African News Agency (ANA)

Yesterday a pilot refused to take off at Lanseria airport.  He is a hero because his passenger was Atul Gupta, in his own private jet.  This pilot kept the Gupta brother from skipping the country, as the Hawks raided his home in Saxonwold with an arrest warrant for him.

This pilot should be decorated!  He deserves the highest civilian award that there is in South Africa for citizen participation – the basic tenet of Democracy.  Let me put it this way: “BUY THAT MAN A BELLS!”

Meanwhile not one word has appeared in the media about the future of the “dark lord” David Mabuza.

Of course the focus has been on “Zexit” including a short list of Ministers that need to be Cabinet-shuffled out of public life.  The list usually includes Zwane, Dlamini, Muthambi and so on.  But you never hear about David Mabuza, who is the new Deputy President of the ANC.

Now that Zuma has resigned, and Ramaphosa is stepping up to the Presidency, has anyone noticed that there is an arrest warrant issued for David Mabuza?

It was issued in Carolina recently by a magistrate.  One of Mabuza’s many detractors obtained an Interim Protection Order against him.  With an Interim Protection Order comes an arrest warrant, automatically.  It is always attached to the Protection Order.

Of course it requires a Violation to trigger his arrest by the SAPS.

But when Ramaphosa vacates the Deputy Presidency of the State to become State President, he should be aware that Mabuza faces automatic arrest, should he violate the terms of the Protection Order.

To my way of thinking, it would be inconsistent for the new State President to say that he is serious about cleaning up corruption and malpractice, while appointing as his Deputy a Premier who is under such a cloud.

Mabuza has other smallanyana skeletons to answer for as well.  So do many senior ANC leaders, even in the Top Six. But in Mabuza’s case, an arrest warrant has already been issued.

This should disqualify him from an appointment of Deputy President of South Africa, at least until he is cleared.

Chuck Stephens is the Executive Director at the Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership and writes in his own capacity