Zionist Israel: 73 years of Apartheid occupation and oppression of Palestine


The global release of the B’Tselem Human Rights report that Israel is an Apartheid state hellbent on oppression, injustice and war crimes against Palestinians should be an eye-opener to the new Biden administration the US, the EU and all Zionist Israel’s allies.

Over the past 73 years, since the unjust formation of the Zionist State of Israel, Israel has conducted a systematic campaign against a civilian population to drive them out of their homeland. More than 500 villages have been destroyed, and more than 70% of Israel’s total land previously owned by Arab Palestinians has been stolen from them with the USA’s blessings.

The international community recognizes Palestinians’ rights to use all means at their disposal to fight this state-sponsored terror and oppression. However, the US-dominated mass media portrays Palestinians’ actions, who are only justifiably defending themselves from acts of aggression and injustice committed by Israel against the Palestinians, as acts of terror. The US government, the Trump Administration and the American people are just as morally responsible for the Palestinian people’s oppression as the government and people of Israel.

There would be no need for Palestinian suicide bombers if Israel were to respect international law and treat the Palestinians with justice. There would be no “security problem” for Israel if it did not oppress the Palestinian people.

Peace only possible if it is based on justice and respect for international law.

Ending the cycle of ongoing and systematic human rights violations perpetrated by Israel cannot be effective until the root causes of such violations are recognized and combated. Parallels can be drawn between Zionist Israel and Apartheid South Africa.

In the Occupied Palestinian territories, cruel methods are employed to exhaust the communities, exploit and subjugate them, make life so unbearable that Palestinians will leave or communities are destroyed, including evidence of ethnic cleansing methods, and proof of intent to destroy the population in part, i.e. genocide.

Continued Israeli military aggression against Palestinian civilians amounts to grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention (namely war crimes) and systematic gross violations of human rights. A disproportionate number of women and children have been killed and maimed by Israel.

Crimes perpetrated by Israelis against Palestinians are usually inadequately investigated or prosecuted, and there is a bias in sentencing of Palestinians. What a travesty of justice?

Apartheid is a crime. How Israel treats Palestinian citizens is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has systematically imprisoned and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a relentless and cruel war against the brave children of Palestine.

If Arab and Islamic governments refused to support America because of its massive and uncritical support of Israel and for the US not criticizing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, American Foreign policy would be forced to change.

American Foreign policy (and the US $30 Billion economic and military aid to Israel). The contributions of wealthy American and South African Jews are prolonging the Palestinian people’s suffering and oppression.

Let us as freedom-loving and people committed to global justice pray that Almighty God guides the Palestinian People to true justice, freedom and prosperity, Insha-Allah (God-willing).

Opinion Editorial by Samaoen Osman.