ZONDO commission, the absence of truth becomes the truth


When are we going to own up for our actions? I am writing this letter confused at what is becoming a trend recently, as in senior politicians crying foul or victimisation.

In my view, we always need to make decisions that we are comfortable to own to or defend. Listening to the witnesses at the Zondo commission, we can still understand the importance of ethics and be ethical as some of these wrong actions will come to haunt when least expected. As it stands, the commission has its mandate and tight timeframes to fulfil and thus requires everyone to play its part as to when it is necessary to appear before the commission.

I am perturbed by the current noise, especially to the calls suggesting that there are sinister motives aimed at targeting certain politicians, especially when they appear before the Zondo commission. Therefore, all of us must give the commission the space it requires and, if there are substantiated claims, let them come to the fore and be resolved. In the best interest of all of us, this commission to go to its day zero.

As an ordinary citizen, my wish is for the former President to appear before the commission to put forward his side of the story. His appearance will demystify the truth of what happened under his Presidency that has been characterized so much. Failure to give his side will allow a one-sided story about his country’s Presidency.

For the above reason, I think the commission does not want to tarnish the former President name but rather provide him with a platform to explain his side of the story. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie nicely explains the danger of the single-story; she further explains that what is available at times in the absence of truth becomes the truth.  I would think the Zondo commission is doing all in its power to ensure that the report that is soon to be written and made available is balanced and credible. We all don’t want to cast aspersions on the report’s contents by the mere fact that one is not given the opportunity.

I believe that the subpoena was necessary; if you don’t issue, that will result in a lost opportunity. Thus it will also assure the general public that justice always prevails, irrespective of your seniority or wealth.

Therefore, it is an important call to note, and it is therefore within us to understand and protect the Judiciary against these unfounded allegations.