EFF, SMG & BMW: Three peas in a pod


What the Oppenheimers’ are to mining in South Africa and the Ruperts are to tobacco and industry, the McCarthys are to our country’s motor retailing industry. The family business thrived under apartheid, ownership of The SMG remains White and continues to ensure its monopoly over the industry.  It is therefore unfathomable why the Economic Freedom […]

Is the ANC the leader of society?


Within the power structure of every society specific vital, integral individuals operate within groups to promote, stimulate, guide or otherwise influence members to action. Such activity has been called leadership, and the individuals have been referred to as Leaders. They are also known as power holders, men and women of power, power-centres, and power elite. […]

Action not dancing will solve our problems


Millions of unemployed, poor and desperate South Africans were recently glued to their screens hoping that President Cyril Ramaphosa will have answers for them. But instead, the only solution Ramaphosa had for our people, was to urge them to “dance to the Jerusalema” song. The President yet again missed the opportunity to outline the economic […]


Dermatologist from UFS publishes first-of-its-kind Skin Atlas for SA

A senior lecturer and specialist in the Department of Dermatology at the University of the Free State (UFS) has published the very first comprehensive...


For how long will the JSE be allowed to get away...

Historians, true historians, tell us that in this part of southern Africa the denial of rights of indigenous people started with the arrival, on...


The importance of business insurance during a time of crisis

Times are tough. South Africa is in the grips of a global pandemic, with a deepening recession on the horizon. For business owners, the...