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UFS complicity in thought on Iran


Former ANC member of parliament, Andrew Feinstein, in his book, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, writes about the ironic relationship between apartheid South Africa and the state of Israel. He illustrates this by pointing out the ‘bizarre’ event of neo-Nazi South African prime minister, B.J. Vorster, paying his respects to victims of the Holocaust […]

Jacob Zuma’s Waterloo


Jacob Zuma’s arrogant request for Deputy Chief Justice to recuse himself from the commission of inquiry is not only legally absurd but politically preposterous. Zuma has over the past 15 years played poker with the legal system, played chess with various legal challenges, and now is attempting to play roulette with Judge Zondo. His Stalingrad […]

Tsitsi Dangarembga and the politics of identity


When I was a PhD student at Cambridge in 2000, The Economist had a cover article titled Hopeless Continent. It was a humiliating article that cited the wars in Sierra Leone, floods in Mozambique and land invasions in Zimbabwe. As a proud African, I found it difficult to wake up that day and face anyone. […]


Is 2020 the year Africa takes charge of its destiny?

Does 2020 mark the year Africa steps into its stride and takes charge of its destiny in the 21st century? While we’re still dealing with...


Fractured doesn’t mean broken

When Covid-19 hit, there were only four questions that took primary place in the human anxious hours of 3 am in the morning: Am I...


Development finance institutions pledge to sustain Covid-19 mitigation, livelihood recovery

Multilateral development finance institutions have pledged to continue to collaborate in their efforts to mitigate the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and accelerate...