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Action against Guptas long overdue


The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation welcomes the action instituted by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) and Eskom against the Guptas and several former officials at Eskom. On Monday, the power utility announced that together with the SIU, it had issued a summons at the North Gauteng High Court to recover some R3.8 billion. The summons relates […]

Standing against corruption and WMC


Firstly, before I can continue about the prevalence of corruption in South Africa, it is crucial to explain this crimes resurgence. It is also important to note that corruption did not only show its ugly head now because of Covid-19, but it is something that has been in existence for a much more extended period. […]

Absence of accountability SA’s original sin


Latin classes were once part of a former life. A favourite Latin phrase of mine remains: post hoc ergo propter hoc. Translated as “after this, therefore because of this”, it is a fallacy in logic.  A good example of the usage of this fallacy, would be the argument by Russel Pollitt (“Rogues still rule the roost”, The […]


Mathematical sciences and fourth industrial revolution technologies

The fourth industrial revolution has become more than just a buzzword, and to say that it is a new reality is an understatement because...


Governance in Covid-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The last few months have ushered in a new epoch for governance. As the coronavirus has swept through the globe, nations have had to...


Nelson Mandela legacy still lives through clear rivers campaign

What can be more important than our source of life, water? Ensuring that this resource is nurtured and kept consumable should be our number...