Busting the myths on careers for creatives


Creativity is more than an endearing personality trait listed on a CV or a way to relax when we’re stressed. In the world of work, creativity is a pragmatic and sought-after skill. In fact, the World Economic Forum listed creativity as one of the top ten skills needed to thrive career-wise in 2020. Creativity allows a person […]

Millennial existentialism


A recent health survey predicted that one of the most serious medical conditions for fatalities in the youth would be burn outs. And rightly so, as millennials and the present generation as ambitious we are, we feel tired and fatigued at our lifestyles, our opportunities, our miseries and our circumstances. And this is why I […]

The NHI Bill will divert SA from Universal Health Coverage


Since the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill was introduced to Parliament on the 8th of August 2019, the debate about the plan, which promises to fundamentally change healthcare in South Africa, has heated up. The latest version of the Bill proposes only limited access to health care services for population groups such as asylum seekers […]


What exactly is the 4IR?

Last week, Deputy President David Mabuza caused quite a stir, but for all the wrong reasons, when he was quizzed in Parliament about the...


Kashmir has become the new Settler-Colonial Project

India’s great son of the soil Mahatma Gandhi had issued a prescient warning to his compatriots to guard against the rise of a “regime...


Tourism revenue will preserve nature’s magic and majesty

Conservation is expensive and crucial. Capital, drawn by South Africa’s wild mysteries and magic, can fund it, as well as socioeconomic development.     ...