Own Your Brilliance beyond a 9-to-5


Due to the growing global economy and the digital age, the way we think about using our talents has begun to shift our career paths away from the conventional 9-to-5 jobs. The most brilliant thought leaders and entrepreneurial minds today are now forging their own careers on their own terms.

Generation X and the Millennial Generation have showed us that working at the same company for 30+ years is no longer ideal. Just ten years ago, the phrase “digital nomad” didn’t even exist, nor did incubators and co-working spaces. Emerging leaders of today are finding ways to use their brilliance beyond the conventional workplace. Whether you are just preparing yourself for a meaningful and fulfilling career or you are considering a new career path, there are some ways to own your brilliance outside of the 9-to-5.

For starters, look at the world from the lens of a problem solver. Innovation is birthed from necessity. The world has no shortage of problems, only talent to solve them. Social media platforms were developed in part to remove the barriers which prevented people from connecting. What problem will you solve in this world? What keeps you up at night? What do you dream about doing? Within the answer to these question reveals what you are passionate about changing or to contributing to this world.   

It is always important to assess your natural gifts, skills and abilities. Whatever you can do well with the least amount of effort is a clue to uncover your brilliance. Your brilliance does not have to be limited to the conventional corporate workplace.  If you are entrepreneurial, then there are several ways that you could turn your ideas into income. When you discover your gifts, you can package them in a way that makes them marketable and ‘sellable’ to the masses. Entrepreneurs are simply people who have put a price tag on what they can do well for others.

Your brilliance in this world will shine brighter as you become more adept in your skill set. There is a reason that experts get paid better than novices.  Learning is ongoing and you should always be a student. You can take courses, attend webinars, go to conferences, read lots of books, or subscribe to your favorite blog or YouTube channel. These are ways to ensure that you will continue to develop the most cutting-edge and marketable skill sets in today’s competitive global marketplace and get paid commensurate with your level of skill and expertise.

The greatest things in life are achieved outside of the comfort zone. While the comfort zone might offer security and a steady paycheck from a 9-to-5 job, it might not give birth to your brilliance and allow you to live your fullest potential. You will shine the brightest in this world when you take risks and when you learn to use your failures and uncertainty to your advantage. Those who shine the brightest in this world challenged the status quo, went against the current of normalcy, and experienced a lot of ups and downs before reaching the level of influence to affect change.

There is a popular saying that birds of a feather flock together. Eagles don’t peck around on the ground with chickens, for they are too busy soaring high. You will find that your entrepreneurial creativity is best used when there are no limitations imposed upon you by small thinkers. The workplace can be stifling to your ingenuity, imagination, individuality, and ideas.

Deliberately putting yourself around others who dream big like you is paramount to your success. Entrepreneurs are naturally creative innovators. Surrounding yourself with them can often spark your ideas and bring out your brilliance.

When you own your brilliance, you use it on your terms. You won’t allow it to be squelched or hampered by the limitations of society or the conventional workplace. Taking this ownership of your gifts, talents, skill sets, and abilities means that you will determine how and where you use your brilliance for the greater good of this world – and without the income limitations of a conventional job. The world is waiting for what you have to offer!

Tamiko Cuellar is the CEO & Founder of Pursue Your Purpose LLC, a U.S. based coaching firm for aspiring and emerging women globally.  She is also an International Business Strategist, Speaker, Author, and Forbes Coach.  https://www.PursueYourPurpose.com/brilliancetour  Instagram: pursueyourpurpose