Transcending material politics with Astrological knowledge


Not many African people are willing to delay their material conditions for a continued search for knowledge that should ultimately liberate the African spirit from the destructive yoke that is colonial consumerism. Packaged and sold with a psychological precision and force, colonial consumerism is the daily nightmare that haunts the spirits of African people.  It is psychologically designed to make African people want to be consumed by it and be its consumer. It is the ultimate goal towards which African people are reared and almost never against it. 

In her seminal work, To Be Afrikan, Dr. Marimba Ani gives an imperative understanding that the African spirit, is our primary and most potent weapon through which we navigate life. Through it, we gain understanding, we feel pain, we suffer grief and mourning. There is nothing we cannot do or conceive with the African spirit. It is the African spirit that is our lifeblood. The African spirit is so powerful and beautiful its freedom to navigate life for its own sake is the most dreaded of all human freedoms. And this is the primary reason we are still oppressed as a people and now yoked to the digitally advancing colonial consumerism. It is a spiritual warfare against our freedom, advancing in every way imaginable and African people are buying into it like children buying candy. Writing about the African spirit, Dr. Marimba Ani explains:  “Our Ancestors live with us. They created the first civilisations thousands of years ago and they suffered the pain of theMaafa. And yet, they were able to endure the most disastrous and dehumanising circumstances ever perpetrated against a group of people, only because of the power of the African spirit. They did not have the freedom to affirm their cultural heritage. We now have that choice. In the African view of life it is our responsibility to honour their name.” 

It is from this understanding that I write about the imperative for African people to transcend material politics for Astrological knowledge about the African race. This is necessary for the re-orientation of the African spirit in order to re-organise the poor conditions within which African people exist. By this article, I am introducing the work of one of my four most important African women in America, SiStar Myrah Moss. SiStar Myrah helped me understand the need to re-orient and elevate my spirit and thinking to a cosmic understanding of our condition –no matter the circumstances. 

In her spiritually and mindfully re-orienting lectures on Astrological energies, SiStar Myrah expanded my perspective on the black condition to a cosmic level –and she kept me there with each video lecture I watched. With my lifelong mission to seek and find knowledge to better understand the black condition –SiStar Myrah was the ultimate source of information in achieving my mission. But her work is not for the faint hearted. It is the work of the African Ancestors on a level only the called will survive. It deconstructed the colonial subject me into pieces and left it for the dead. I have been working on finding my way back home. 

SiStar Myrah’s most rewiring video recoded lecture, Ancient Return for New Beginning, left me with a sombre mood at the thought of how much damage has been done on African people for us to fully comprehend the cosmically ordained times we in. 

When I went to university, all I ever wanted was to find the solution to the problems of African people. I did not know how much we have been deceived into believing that all things will work well together –eventually. With the lecture, SiStar Myrah astrologically unveils the deceit of white supremacy and its system of racism. As the title of the lecture says, we are in the most exciting times in human history as our ancestors are giving us the opportunity to rise above our colonially constructed identities, and look back to the past to reconfigure who we were and what we are supposed to be into the future. And this has been happening since 11 August 1999. 

On this date, SiStar Myrah explains, the cosmic energy shifted into a new circle of life, the Aquarian age, out of the Piscean age. The Piscean age was the age of European conquest and destruction of humanity through deceit and violence. And this was until 11 August 1999 when the cosmic will shifted into Aquarius. From 2001 until the year 2012, African people had been given 12 years to prepare ourselves for the return to our Ancestral humanitarian rulership, through the Aquarius energy, and “out of the abusive age of Pisces”. This means that African people, since 2001, ought to have been preparing to take over their god given right to self-govern and determine our future and for humanity.

However, with the relentless psychological warfare and propaganda spread through the media, African people have not been able to find inner peace to tune in with the cosmic energy, in order to receive DNA transmitted communication for our transcendence out of the colonial fold we are trapped in. This is not by accident explains SiStar Myrah. The most dreaded reality is when the African wakes up from the centuries old suffering and grief, to realise that we owe neither apology nor allegiance in the future we ought to build for our people first and for humanity. 

To blind us from this realisation, the media has been proactive at setting the tone and the agenda for the confused African masses until such time that colonial and imperial powers succeed in planting their seeds for a new world order, using our most precious resource, the African spirit, to further enslave humanity. Colonial consumerism, now advancing through digital transformations, is relentlessly shoved down our throats to divert our attention away from the unfolding cosmic reality of our ancestors. In her radio interview with the Underground Railroad Radio station, titled, The Astrological Destiny of the Black Race”, SiStar Myrah further explains that as colonial and capital institutions are falling, we should not be distracted by the media propaganda that takes our attention away from actually witnessing the cosmic work of our ancestors –as they are returning through us. 

But with our desire to escape the stifling and suffocating conditions in townships, and with any opportunity presented to us to get out of the ghettos as representatives to show that colonial and imperial capitalism works, we are actually aiding the system to remain intact and against the will of our ancestors and the suffering masses. We use the opportunity to gain access to and graduate with university qualifications primarily to behave as better and improved field slaves against the unwashed plantation slaves. We want a chance at displaying our ‘earned’ consumer power in order to gain the addictive social media recognition. But to take the path of searching for African truths that should ultimately liberate African people from the continued colonial oppression is the least and last of our relentless pursuits. 

Perhaps those who came before us know and realise our inherited fear of white power and obsession with materialism hence they are destroying the very institutions that takes our attention away from them. By the end of the radio interview, SiStar Myrah advices that we should not be moved an inch by the destruction and falling of the colonial empire. It’s time to fall is long overdue. But only if we keep cheering on as our ancestors are taking the empire down piece by piece. It is not in our best interest to maintain white institutions even if our families depend on the incomes accruing from them. Right now, as things stand, it is the time to start and build our own institutions for the long term goal of bringing Peace and Healing to African people and the world over. We are the only ones with the spiritual power to do it because the Aquarian age is a humanitarian energy. African people are the humanitarians of the world and are expected to change the social conditions in Africa and the world. But only understanding and unity will get us there.  

We have to make sacrifices that transcend our personal and material interests, in the interest of the African collective security, and away from the colonial mass confusion and suffering deliberately inflicted on us and the world.  

Lindiswa Jan is a Researcher & Masters Candidate at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cape Town