Makhaya Ntini’s painful story is one of black people everywhere


I watched the likes of Graeme Smith during the Solidarity Cup played on Mandela Day, kneeling in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement which has spread across the world. It was an important symbolic gesture but I submit it is not enough. Sport doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The past week has been […]

Young should people be encouraged to tell their truths


The race relations issues currently unfolding in the United States of America around the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement have led me to interrogate what South Africans deem as acceptable and appropriate reaction to racism here at home. Whether we acknowledge it or not, everybody has vested interests in these events and conversations, and therefore […]

Understanding privilege in sport


In 2012, I travelled to the Eastern Cape as part of a Transformation in Sport series of storytelling the media company I worked for at the time was working on.  I wanted to investigate Dale College – a school that’s nurtured some of the country’s top sports talent – and what they’d managed to achieve […]


Mathematical sciences and fourth industrial revolution technologies

The fourth industrial revolution has become more than just a buzzword, and to say that it is a new reality is an understatement because...


Lessons in lockdown learning; How schools can cope better

After reopening briefly, public schools across the country have had to face the reality of shutting down again for four weeks from 27 July...


Nelson Mandela legacy still lives through clear rivers campaign

What can be more important than our source of life, water? Ensuring that this resource is nurtured and kept consumable should be our number...